Our best of the Great North

February 10, 2023

There are varying lists relative to who are the top rated 2007 birth year prospects from the Great North Under 18 Hockey League ahead of the looming 2023 Ontario Hockey League priority selections draft. As Hockey News North puts a lot of time into covering the GNU18HL we have our own ongoing list of who we deem to be the best of the best from the ’07 age group.

Alexandre Valade of the Sudbury U16 Nickel Capitals. (photo by Bob Davies)

In order, here is who we like best, as of this date.

  1. Alexandre Valade, defence, Sudbury U16 Nickel Capitals
  2. Cole Dubowsky, forward, Sudbury U16 Nickel Capitals
  3. Hudson Chitaroni, forward, Soo Jr. Greyhounds
  4. Candon O’Neill, defence, Soo Jr. Greyhounds
  5. Brendan Cooke, forward, Soo Jr. Greyhounds
  6. Brant Romaniuk, forward, North Bay U16 Trappers
  7. Max Campbell, forward, Sudbury U16 Nickel Capitals
  8. Cole Ellis, defence, Timmins Majors
  9. Declan Gallivan, defence, Soo Jr. Greyhounds
  10. Anthony Bertrand, forward, Sudbury U16 Nickel Capitals
  11. Coulson Bell, forward, Sudbury U16 Nickel Capitals
  12. Carter Carriere, defense, Sudbury U16 Nickel Capitals
  13. Nick Marson, goalie, Sudbury U16 Nickel Capitals
  14. Alex Hall, goalie, Timmins Majors
  15. Deven Jones McDonald, forward, Soo Jr. Greyhounds

What you think about “Our best of the Great North”

  1. Could you tell me why any of these prospects are not even evaluated by Hockeyprospect.com.
    Not one player from the GNML is mention.
    It appears as if our league is insignificant.

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