GNU18HL in Peterborough

January 18, 2023

All eight teams from the Great North Under 18 Hockey League are in Peterborough this week for the prestigious Steve Richey Tournament of Champions.

The high profile, high end event will feature 20 teams in the Under 16 Division and another 33 in the Under 18 Division.

Sudbury U16 Nickel Capitals and North Bay U16 Trappers will represent the GNU18HL in the Under 16 Division.

And over on the Under 18 card, Soo Jr. Greyhounds, North Bay U18 Trappers, Kapuskasing Flyers, Timmins Majors, New Liskeard Cubs and Sudbury U18 Nickel Capitals will be among the throng of participants.

The tournament serves as a major gathering for Ontario Hockey League general managers and scouts ahead of the 2023 priority selections draft with a focus on players with 2007 birth dates.

Notably, following is a current Hockey News North ranking of the top 15 2007 birth year players from the GNU18HL ahead of the 2023 OHL priority selections draft. Those making our in-progress list include players from the Sudbury U16 Nickel Capitals, Soo Jr. Greyhounds, Timmins Majors and North Bay U16 Trappers.

Forwards. 1. Cole Dubowsky, Sudbury 2. Hudson Chitaroni, Soo 3. Max Campbell, Sudbury 4. Brendan Cooke, Soo 5. Brant Romaniuk, North Bay 6. Coulson Bell, Sudbury 7. Anthony Bertrand, Sudbury 8. Kenyan Kydd, Sudbury.

Nick Marson

Defensemen: 1. Alexandre Valade, Sudbury 2. Candon O’Neill, Soo 3. Declan Gallivan, Soo 4. Cole Ellis, Timmins 5. Carter Carriere, Sudbury.

Goalies: 1. Nick Marson, Sudbury 2. Alex Hall, Timmins (in above action photo by Postmedia.)


The direct link for the schedule of all games in the Steve Richey Tournament of Champions can be accessed here:

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