Here are the Timmins Majors

November 29, 2020
Returning goalie Evan Nicholls of the Timmins Majors

Head coach Brandon Perry and his staff have selected the 22-player roster that will represent the Timmins Majors of the Great North Under 18 Hockey League for the 2020-2021 season.

By position, the Majors lineup, with players birth year in brackets, is as follows.

Forwards: Nolan Ring (2003), Pierre Racicot (2003), Tristan Bouchard (2004), Bradley Moore (2004), Blake Ferron (2004), Nathan Paquette (2004), Nathan Dutkiwiecz (2004), Brady Mayappo (2004), Justin Charette (2005), Kaeden McArthur (2005), Alex Michel (2005), Thomas Beard (2005).

Defensemen: Chase Longhurst (2003), Jamie Sutherland (2003), Ray Durocher (2004), Connor Laneville (2004), Sam Gallagher (2005), Calvin Collins (2005), Brody Vachon (2005), Joe Lax (2005).

Goalies: Evan Nicholls (2003), Konrad Simard (2003).

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