Jr. Greyhounds in turmoil

February 21, 2020

The first-place team in the Great North Midget Hockey League has big issues. And as it currently stands, the Soo Jr. Greyhounds will not be playing their two scheduled home games against the Sudbury Minor Wolves this weekend.

The turmoil surrounding the Jr. Greyhounds began within the last week when one of their leading scorers quit the team because of alleged differences with head coach Jamie Henderson.

The dispute lead to an investigation by the Sault Major Hockey Association and a resulting indefinite suspension to Henderson. The SMHA executive board has had separate meetings with Henderson and parents and players of the Jr. Greyhounds.

Subsequently, Hockey News North has confirmed, the SMHA board is slated to meet again on Monday to render a decision on the fate of Henderson, who remains indefinitely suspended.

As for this weekend’s slated games, the SMHA asked the Jr. Greyhounds assistant coaches to take over for Henderson but to no avail. Thus, the commissioner of the Great North, Albert Corradini, was notified by the SMHA that this weekend’s games would have to be forfeited by the Jr. Greyhounds.

At present, Jr. Greyhounds are in first place in the Great North with a record of 24-4-3.

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  1. Very sad to see these boys not play a sport they love especially after all the hard work they have put forward this season! Sault Major should be following and supporting coaches and players in these higher divisions . More intense parents, and intense coaching always results in someone not happy because of ice time or how their child is encouraged to play harder! Every kid has a dream , big or small and it has just been taken away from these boys!! Hope to see these boys playing a sport they love

  2. I’m reading Scotty Bowmans new book ,there’s a part on Toe Blake which Scotty mentioned how much he asked of his players and demanding he was all the time all the practices( 5 cups never to be replicated) the parents on that team are lucky to have a coach who cares” listen to the message not how it’s delivered “
    It is 20/20 but without adversity this Selfish player and parents will never get through the process
    When a player has a four year scholarship there at the mercy of what the coach wants for four years you don’t like they ask you to leave the team
    We have 76 D1 commits last 50 months three common denominators

    1)Work ethic on and off ice
    2)compete level every shift
    3)Parents message to kids shut up and work

    It’s a shame they let one person derail the team ,vote him off and move on someone has to have the stones to do the right thing

  3. So sad to see. The boys were flying hight coming off a 1 game win streak. The wolves currently hold the GNML record for winning 3 games while being outshot by a combined total of 157 to 64. However Hopes were high this weekend for the wolves as they planned on heading to steel city looking for their second consecutive victory. All the boys were looking forward to the 3 1/2 hour roadie to
    Play at the Essar center and have the opportunity to grab some pinos after the game. A freshly shaved wolves team will be in GNML action next Tuesday as they take on the north bay trappers in the world famous Sturgeon falls arena. Team plans for this weekend now fall on the shoulders of the veterans amongst the group. Team leaders have decided that the wolves will be hosting their 3rd rookie party of this season. Come and join your wolves at the Coulson in Sudbury Ontario as they all look to complete what is known as the dirty Derrick hat trick. 1 yager bomb 1 Jell-O shot and 1 lap dance will earn you the hatty.

  4. Ice time is the number one complaint in Midget AAA hockey. Sure hope the coach isn’t suspended for that. If its a couple of parents derailing the team it may be a weak Executive. When everything a secret speculating runs over the top. Grown adults not keeping the train on the tracks this late in the season is horrible. Hope you sort this out today.

  5. Mike….Do you honestly think Soo Major would remove a coach because some parent cried about ice time? The Selection committee put a lot of time and effort and put their own names and reputation on the line by recommending this coach, no one wanted to see this, so I would assume that whatever the issue/s are, they were serious enough for removal (temporarily or permanent). We can only hope Soo Major learns from their mistakes…

  6. Dont know the issues. But the assistant coaches should take over the coaching and there is at least another 15 players on the team who help got the team to where they are. Like they say when a main player is hurt the rest of the team has to step up to the plate. So this team might want to go a head and play .

  7. My son played rep hockey and soccer his whole childhood. It was explained to him that it’s different than house league as there is more pressure, more intensity and there’s so such thing as fairness. If your ready and willing to do that , then you will be successful and will enjoy it. He understood your only as good as your last shift and you will have coaches who think they are better than they really are and will not agree with all of their decisions. My son was told if he agrees to all of this , he would have mine and my wives blessing to continue in the rep system because there is a big commitment by the parents too. We both accepted the possible consequences of perhaps not as much ice time as we would both would like. In the end , my son never complained nor did I. It was always a team first attitude and trust me there were times it was difficult to see my son not play as much as we both would of liked. Of course there is a fine line that can’t be crossed by a coach but being told to work harder , you need to be better etc… is not that line. Parents need to shake their heads and really look at the big picture and instill that into their children’s heads as well. No matter how good you think your child is at the sport they are involved in, there’s always better out there. Encourage your child to play hard and play for the team and don’t be selfish and keep your nose clean. My son was never the superstar on the team but in the end he got a scholarship to play hockey and getting a high education. Many of the superstars didn’t get that far. So support your child and keep encouraging them to play their best and if your not able to accept the pressure of the rep system , there are other options out there. Not fair to the other kids who now can’t play because of one team member. I hope everything works out for those kids

  8. I’m sure it was not as minor as lack of ice time and one player/parent complaining. There’s already been at least one to follow suit and quit the team. There is always a precaution to take when you have a parent bench staff but again that could not be it. This has to be severe to actually remove a coach from a team. My sons played AAA last 5 years and has played against this team several times a year and honestly the parents do need to chill down and enjoy the game for their child’s sake but sometimes that gets the best of them. I’ve seen parking lot fights between parents and in the stands and swearing at other parents and our kids don’t need that. Some people, not just SSM need to understand that and let their kids play. Last year this team did not ice a team and maybe that’s something that should be visited. But unless the whole story is out, then best leave it alone. Let them figure it out and hopefully it works out for the kids. The kids!!!

  9. Hockey in Sault Ste Marie is going down hill very fast. Not sure of the facts surrounding this issue but if the truth of the matter it’s about ice time or the coaching yelling well players and parents suck it up. Jamie Henderson having a great year finally the AAA midget team is a force in the GNML and now this issue makes it in the news. Bantam programs struggling to say the least .Time for sault major to get a new board some young hockey minds involved. TIME TO REVAMP HOCKEY IN SSM

  10. Sault Major Board. When do you all take accountabilty for mistakes and bad decesions. The board needs to be washed away with. These kids should of been playing this weekend. What does this teach them? Before everyone wants to say hey hey they are Volunteering the time …Well thats too bad. They took the seat to be on the BOARD. Dragging this sititation whatever that may be just makes its worse. The Board needs this much time to figure it out? Again, its not about the kids first. You all create and prove doubt that this Board is incompetant in dealing with the issues than occur in front of you all. The Kids should of played under the remaining Staff and the Staff shouldn’t of been given the choice. What any board should be looking to have are people in good standing with the right direction to take these young players and teach life lessons, good moral decesions, respect, resposibilty, workethic and the game. I get tired of hearing the same old line about its the parents. Yet people seem to think its ok for Coaches to be Verbally abusive or act out and thats ok. Cause they are COACH? Well sorry to let you all know its just not aloud anymore. Just ask a couple of the recent firings in the NHL. Just cause you are a Volunteer does’nt give you a Trump card when you step out of line. That goes for this Board as well. Certainly mistakes will be made. But then you have to be accountable for the mistakes, not just the players. I read some articles Randy has been writing about naming Coaches before a year is even over. Thats just wrong. I also read a response from Toots Kovaks about taking the best applicants for the job even if its a parent. Thats another thing I’ll have to question Toots with people that i know that have applied and were the best apllicants. Just not in your eyes. I’m not shocked hearing that though because the Board has members that act out also in the Hockey scene around the rinks that are involved with being on staff which should be a No-No when you sit on the Board. But hey thats just me. Lets just tuck things under the table and save some face. I thought Toots would of helped out this board with the right decesions to make. I beleive its worse than ever. Lets just say that it’s noticable that the problem starts at the top. Until this Board is wiped clean..nothing will change and its been proven over and over. If your part of the Board then you shave no business being on a staff within the Association. Take not only the best Applicnats in a Coach, but also the best person to teach more than just the game. Anyone can learn to Teach a game. To one of the comments above about the rest of the Staff taking over the Bench. I agree. They should of took over. Nice that they wanna stick by the Coach, BUT..its the kids that come first. Maybe they do stand beside the Coach and beleive he’s done nothing wrong.. or maybe they are all Guilty of the same demeanor thats being tossed around the Rinks or Guilty of not stopping it? Cheers Randy

  11. Well said all…Revamp!!!! And myself I dont remember the last time a bad coach had his team in first place. I feel sorry for the coaches and especially the kids.

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