Jr. Hounds coach can return

February 25, 2020

Jamie Henderson, who is the head coach of the Soo Jr. Greyhounds of the Great North Midget Hockey League, has been handed a conditional five-game suspension by the Sault Major Hockey Association, Hockey News North has confirmed. Henderson had been under indefinite suspension by the SMHA since the middle of last week.

The turmoil surrounding the Jr. Greyhounds began after Henderson clashed verbally with one of the leading scorers on the team, which is in first place in the Great North with a record of 24-4-3. The player reported the alleged incident to his family and Sault Major was made aware of it.

While conducting an investigation into the matter, Sault Major suspended Henderson indefinitely.

After the SMHA executive board met last week and again on Monday night of this week, it decided on a five-game suspension to Henderson that includes the coach taking an ethics course. Another condition is that when Henderson addresses players either individually or as a team, another staff member must be present. Also, if Henderson wants to coach the Jr. Greyhounds again next season, he will need to re-apply.

The Jr. Hounds have a busy slate of league activity scheduled for this week with four games against the third-place Sudbury Nickel Capital Wolves including home matches on Friday at 8:30 p.m. at GFL Memorial Gardens, Saturday at 12:30 p.m. at John Rhodes Community Center and Sunday at 1:00 p.m., also at the Rhodes.

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  1. The coach a should also have to issue an apology to the player(s) he has “clashed verbally“ with, as well as make amends with the plays he has displaced as a result of this unfortunate, and fully avoidable situation. These are teenagers no matter how you look at it and it is disgusting that he is getting away with it. These young people work their entire lives to get where they are and to have a coach’s terrible behaviour dictate the future of these kids is terrible. I hope he does the right thing and issues apologies and makes things right. It’s what anyone in an ethics class would do right?

  2. Where are all the other comments that people have sent in??? Many people have said their their comments are not being posted,l. I know of many people who have a different view than you, as you are friends with the coach. Censoring people and only letting people see the points of view that you know or of the person feeding you your information is not unbiased as a news reporter should be. Saying that it was one player only is a crock of BS, as there are many players that this has happened to and a few that have gone o the league, not just one player as you are making it out to be.

    1. If you think I am going to end up in a legal situation and post defamatory comments from a coward like you and others who defame others while hiding behind an alias then you are sadly mistaken. By the way, nice try trying to post multiple comments under different aliases. You think I don’t know who you are? Your IP addresses are recorded. And P.S.: Let me know if you would like me to name the player(s.)

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