SMHA re: Jamie Henderson

February 25, 2020

(EDITOR’S NOTE: Hockey News North has obtained a copy of the decision made by the Sault Major Hockey Association to suspend head coach Jamie Henderson of the Soo Jr. Greyhounds of the Great North Midget Hockey League for five games following an alleged verbal encounter with one of his players.)

This serves as official notice of the disciplinary action taken by the Sault Major Hockey Association board of directors. This was discussed at the SMHA meeting on Monday February 24, 2020.

This outcome is relative to behaviour contrary to the SMHA code of conduct and the Northern Ontario Hockey Association code of conduct. The decision of the board of directors includes the following:

  • The head coach, Jamie Henderson, is suspended for five games. During this suspension, he will be allowed at the rink but must not have contact with the players or staff during games or practices.
  • Henderson must complete the Respect in Sports –Activity Leader module before returning to the team.
  • The coach/coaching staff must reach out to all players currently listed on the roster to discuss their status on the team moving forward.
  • The SMHA will monitor the team for the remainder of the season.
  • A staff member must be present with the coach for any individual player meetings.
  • Henderson must re-apply to coach for the 2020-2021 season. The interview panel will not include any individual that has interviewed Henderson previously.

What you think about “SMHA re: Jamie Henderson”

  1. This is an example of the new generation players. It’s sad day that Sault major making an example out of Jamie Henderson. The player and parents had the right to bring it forward but end of the day if it’s about yelling and a heated argument grow up. The coach isn’t your friend he is there to teach and make you a better hockey player and better person. This player is in for a shock at the next level if anybody will take a chance on him and his parents. It’s a no win situation. Best of luck AAA midget team.

  2. The fact that he was reinstated with a 5 game suspension tells me that it was in fact a coach blasting a kid and a parent thinking their kid is above criticism. If this is the case then i am sure that alot of coaches from the past would not have lasted more than one practise. I won’t mention any names but there have been some harsh coaches in the past and some of them are still coaching. I can remember when my own kid was playing AAA and there were many times that i was also angry at how my kid was treated. However we never got involved to this extent and always encouraged my son to speak directly to the coach and work things out. Perhaps this is the new scene of hockey where the parents call the shots and a gutless association endorses their behaviour. Could the parent and/or the kid not set up a meeting with the coaching staff to address this prior to running to the association.? I know that the kids are teenagers but this kind of behaviour from the parents does little to prepare their kids for the real world. Coddling does nothing but embarass their kid in the eyes of the public and in the eyes of their fellow players . And i am sure that if you spoke to some of this player’s past coaches this kind of behaviour has been ongoing throughout their child’s hockey career. And what has been accomplished? Yes Mr. Henderson was slapped with a 5 game suspension and must take an ethics course ; the big picture and messasge is not registering with the parents. I read in another article the parent asking the coach to apologize but what about the parents? Should they not apologize to the rest of the team for causing this at such a pivotal time in the season. While some parents may be siding with this particular parent , they are probably saying otherwise in private. Good luck to everyone involved and i hope this does not tarnish the accomplishments of the coach and the team the rest of the season.

  3. Jamie Henderson and his staff turned the midget program around. He’s a stand up guy and for him to go through this is pretty sad.

  4. A hockey coach doesnt have to go into a tyrant with his players . There is atime a team has practices . A good hard bag skate might help the problem .

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