150 and counting for Kyle Brick

February 11, 2022

Every time the Blind River Beavers win a game it just adds to the success totals of Kyle Brick as the coach with the most victories in the history of the small market Northern Ontario Jr. Hockey League team.

The 36-year old Brick, who is also the Beavers general manager, took over in Blind River in 2016 after two seasons as an assistant coach with the NOJHL’s Soo Thunderbirds. He led the Beavers to a franchise-best 32 wins during that 2016-2017 season and it has been much of the same in Blind River ever since.

Brick, who is originally from the nearby town of Thessalon, surpassed Jim Capy as the Beavers coach with the most career NOJHL wins during the abbreviated 2020-2021 season. And Brick recently picked up his 150th regular season win behind the Blind River bench.

When told by Hockey News North that he had hit the 150 mark in regular season victories as coach of the Beavers, Brick replied: “Oh, I didn’t even realize that.”

The affable Brick then went on to add that the successes that he has had in Blind River to date deserve to be shared.

“I can definitely say that it has been a team effort,” he relayed. “None of the success would have been possible without my top notch staff of (Craig) Macdonald, (Dylan) King, (Jamie) Disano and (Derrick) Bates.  We had a goal to make this team competitive year after year and I think we have met that.”

Blind River is currently in a battle with the big market Sudbury Cubs for third place in the West Division of the NOJHL as Brick and Co. have again put together a winning product.

“Hopefully we are able to have continued success here as this town deserves a winner,” said Brick.
“When all is said and done it was the players that first year who really paved the way for us here in Blind River … guys like (Max) Khull, (Yianni) Liarakos, (Cole) Peck and obviously (Caleb) Serre.”

The aforementioned Jim Capy, who coached in Blind River from 2004 to 2006 and again from 2008 to 2012, had four victorious seasons during his time with the Beavers, including the first ever winning record in a franchise history that began in 2000. And the venerable Capy, a Sault Ste. Marie native who remains somewhat of a hockey icon in Blind River, has plenty of praise for the job that Brick has done with the Beavers over the years.

“I believe that Kyle has brought the Beavers to the next level,” Capy told Hockey News North. “He has created an environment where success has become sustainable and expected, which are not easy things to accomplish in a small market such as Blind River.”

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