221 season tickets in 13 hours

May 3, 2015

Here’s a sunny Sunday shout out to the great fans of the Iroquois Falls Eskimos.

The all-new Eskimos had a booth set up at the Iroquois Falls Sportsman Show, which was held on Friday from 5-10 p.m. and Saturday from 11 a.m.-7 p.m.

Peddling season tickets for the 2015-2016 Northern Ontario Jr. Hockey League campaign, small-town Iroquois Falls — population 4,500, give or take a few scoundrels who have scooted off to bigger, nearby Timmins — once again rallied behind its much-loved NOJHL team.

In just 13 hours, the Eskimos managed to sell 221 season-tickets for the 2015-2016 season.


But not surprising.

Afterall, during the 2014-2015 season, the Eskimos led the entire NOJHL with an average, per-game attendance of 513.

Which leads to the question — why would anyone doubt the good hockey fans of Iroquois Falls?

Good question with no good answer.

What you think about “221 season tickets in 13 hours”

  1. Brenda, a big congratulations to the Rock on having sold 250 season tickets!!! What an accomplishment for a city of over 50,000. Simply amazing.

    Timmins Rock – 250 season passes – over a month of selling – 50,000 population
    Iroquois Falls – 221 season passes – 13 hrs of selling time – 4,500 population

    Something you can really brag about Brenda, GREAT JOB!

  2. 220 season tickets is a very good number any where. Ask most teams in the southern league if they would be happy with 220 at a game, forget season tickets. No need to be snide regarding someone else’s accomplishments. They moved. And the community stepped up to the plate when given a second chance. Get over it.

  3. Northern Observer o go relacks I am only wanting to up date our Seasons Ticket’s number’s .
    “ROCK ON”!

  4. Gee wiz stop all bashing each other. Good job both club!
    Great season ticket sale numbers in Falls – good job congrats.
    But people have been used to buying there tickets there at the sportmen show for many many year. Not so in Timmins. They will buy in will take a bit more time thats all.
    Falls fans your work has just started because yes you sold 221 ticket in a few hour thats great but can you hit more then 300 like last year?
    and Yes you just brought in maybe 55 thousand bucks in season tickets but you probably have a budget of twohundred thousand or more so dont stop now- no time to rub hands in glea and and think 0 boy are we good or better then those other guys – you have to find the rest of the money for your budget.
    No question that Falls has great dedicated fans, some of best around. And timmins will too give them time. timmins have lots of businesses a lot more than Falls with all due respect that is where timmins will do a lot better.
    So OK IFalls, more spagetti suppers, more casino night, chop chop get to it and good luck.

  5. Hey Motleyrulez nice to see u back !!! Just came back from the Bay to watch the Troops get squeezed out …Nice job at the Gardens.
    Make that 222 cause I`ll be buying my season tickets !!
    Jean Guy – don`t be worrying too much about the Eskimos , if there is any adjustment to be done Mr Donnan will take care of it.
    Congrats to the Thunderbirds !! Looks good for the NOJHL.

  6. The dynamics of Timmins is rather interesting. The city with the heart of gold has a bad rap for not being able to draw major events due to the lack of support. Now, on to season ticket sales; I.F. will maintain a solid base of season ticket holders no matter who plays there (although I will say there is a small portion of “spite” sales this season………relax its a joke!) I would assume that the Eskis will be a pay to play enterprise this season unless Mr. Donnan is willing to dig deep into the coffers. Typical price to play on a GMHL team is 6-9k is that helps for comparison. There is no college, entertainment, etc. in I.F. so the challenge to draw players remains……on top of telling them they will be paying team fees and room and board. If we end up with a 12 team league it is going to get interesting, but maybe not so much for the fans because there will be a lot less parity with KL hosting, Powassan getting Battalion Drafts, Cochrane heavily recruiting and so on……15-16 will be one interesting season in the NOJHL.

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