303 watch NOJHL in Mattawa

February 24, 2014

North Bay Trappers played host to the Soo Thunderbirds on Sunday afternoon in a neutral site game that was held in Mattawa.

And the Northern Ontario Jr. Hockey League game drew a crowd of 303 to Mike Rodden Arena and Community Centre in Mattawa.

Mattawa, which is about 40 miles east of North Bay on the Ottawa River, is a possible destination for the Trappers for next season.

The Trappers — a flagship NOJHL franchise — have been told by the City of North Bay that its facility agreement will not be renewed after this season.

Playing at West Ferris Arena in North Bay, the Trappers have averaged 137 fans per game this season and several crowds have been below 100.

As for Sunday’s game in Mattawa, the seventh-place Trappers were upended by the NOJHL-leading Thunderbirds, falling by a 6-1 score.

But Trappers president David Beauchamp was happy with the support his team received in Mattawa.

“The crowd was great, just over 300 and the people were very, very nice,” Beauchamp told me. “They all commented on the level of play. It is unfortunate we had four regulars out of the lineup but the people seemed to still be excited.”

Mattawa will be home to another Trappers game tonight at 7 p.m. when the Elliot Lake Bobcats pay a visit.

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  1. I would of liked to have read more of the reaction from fans..citizens of Mattawa..do they want it..Perhaps a comment from a councillor…What about minor hockey in Mattawa…how many registered?..A Junior franchise in todays world can be very expensive if town not willing to give team a break on ice time…Of course team officials will comment favourably…How is the Espanola team doing? They have been good for the community but monetarily how are they doing? I am wondering how long this franchise will actually be in Espanola…Thanks for the read..

    1. hi John, good points. Actually, I am expecting some comments from folks in Mattawa. When I get them, I will post them.

      As for Espanola, owner Tim Clayden tells me he is very happy there. In fact, we expect to hear from Tim on the sate of his franchise sometime this week.



    2. Are you the John Sedore from espanola? If so John I don’t recall seeing you out that much to the games,it is good hockey i fine it better than the “old” days of constantly losing,sure the fights were entertaining, and not trying to improve. I will tell you the Rivermen have been great to minor hockey contrary to what the few bad mouthers have to say they have helped us tremendously

  2. great atmosphere in Mattawa last night. considering the short notice I was pleasantly surprised. Cormier did all he could, just too many power plays for Traps to handle. and tonight will have Traps top four forwards out after suspensions to last night’s occurrences. so, Traps will be in tough to impress that crowd.

  3. I was at the game in Mattawa tonight, another solid crowd but at least 30 to 40 unpaid tickets as fans were opening the fire exit to come in. What a barn burner 6-5 double OT should be an exciting finish… Looks like the Trappers are gone from North Bay.

  4. Question Randy are the current Trappers players practicing anywhere or are they having to travel back and forth everyday to practice,

    1. Hockey Guy, Trappers have been practising in North Bay, although there was an issue with the City over ice-time payment, not sure if it has been resolved.

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