Six-point outing for Jaren Bellini

February 26, 2015

Jaren Bellini fired three goals and added three assists for good measure as the visiting Soo Thunderbirds routed the Blind River Beavers 10-0 in Northern Ontario Jr. Hockey League action from Wednesday.

A second-year forward, Bellini now has 31 goals, 26 assists, 57 points for the league-leading Thunderbirds.

Bellini trails only Nic Tassone on the T-Bird scoring chart.

Brett Jeffries with a pair, Boris Katchouk, Owen Headrick, Caleb Boman, Connor Dea and Nic Sicoly also scored for the Soo, which improved its record atop the NOJHL to 36-6-6 with four games to play in the regular season.

Mario Culina made 16 saves for his third shutout of the season.

With the loss, Blind River now has a record of 0-47-1.

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  1. 13 skaters for a home game. I don’t pretend to have any inside info, but I have to think the Beavers are done, at least as an NOJHL team.

  2. Tired of articles/tweets/FB posts etc. singing any type of praise for victories over a 0-47-1 team. I really don’t think it is that big of a deal in anyone’s eyes.

    1. HockEye,

      So, because Blind River is 0-47-1, are you saying we should not be writing up the Soo’s wins over the Beavers?

  3. Randy,

    No issues writing it up, just not fond of pumping anyone’s tires as a result. It has to be tough being in that position, that’s all. KL has done it all year via their twitter feed and it is bit much IMHO.

  4. Randy!

    I’d love to hear your thoughts on the Gold Miners……. You’ve now put some curiosity in me now!!!!!

    Please and Thank You.

  5. I have yet to meet any one person from the Kirkland Lake Goldminers who I like . . . and that includes there ego-maniak coach and there rude loud mouth fans.

  6. The Nojhl would be better off with out Blind River. The Beavers drag down the rest of the League and they have become a bad joke. If Blind River wants to have a Team they should join one of the Outlaw Leagues where the caliber of play is well below that of the NOJHL. If Blind River folds their team I doubt that they will be missed by any body from the NOJHL. Its time to move on from this disaster of a Franchise. Hell I doubt if the Outlaw Leagues would even want to have a team in Blind River. Seeriously what the hell is there to do in Blind River except sit at Tim Hortons and watch the Highway traffic go by. Kids dont want to play there when they can play in Elliott Lake.

  7. Turn out the light’s…..the party is over.
    Less than a hundred fan’s watching the Beavs play at home these days. Time to focus on Minor Hockey in Town and forget about the NOJHL and this Bull Shit.

  8. NBT1975 I see that you still have not got over the Miners winning last year. Ask for a little help to make your predictions this year. ha ha

  9. Randy what have you got against the Miners; I see you been using the word
    arrogance lately, A while back on Mr Marshall. Was someone in the organization somewhat arrogant with you or does it go way back

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