NOJHL upends OJHL once again

August 31, 2015

Score another decision for the Northern Ontario Jr. Hockey League over the Ontario Jr. Hockey League.

In a neutral-site, exhibition match on Sunday in Huntsville, the NOJHL’s Powassan Voodoos upended the Kingston Voyageurs of the OJHL with a 4-3, come-from-behind victory.

The triumph ranks as another statement of sorts for the NOJHL in that the OJHL has been known to tout itself as the better of the two leagues.

But the fact of the matter is that the Soo Thunderbirds of the NOJHL are the reigning Dudley-Hewitt Cup, Central Canada champions.

In winning the 2015 DHC, the Thunderbirds upended the champs of both the OJHL and the Superior International Jr. Hockey League for the second time in past four years.

What you think about “NOJHL upends OJHL once again”

  1. A gutsy result. Good stuff. That’s junior puck for you.

    Somehow the NOJHL needs to promote their excellence a little better to attract a wider scale of players to the north. If teams from the NOJHL are winning consistently and competing well, then the league should market it properly in order to boost interest. The OJHL does it all the time. They’ve even branded their league as the league choice.

    A great win for Powassan/NOJHL.

  2. Hey Randy I couldn’t agree more – my son played for the TBirds 4 years ago when they won the Dudley – this is a good league and nice to see 12 teams this season.

    Oh by the way we need more news about the Beavers this season my youngest son just signed with them – they are young but they looked pretty good at Camp – we’ll see tomorrow night in Elliot Lake!

  3. Unfortunately the NOJ remains under-rated despite great strides in the last two years, especially last year. Agree with previous poster that more exposure needed, or some of the its best players may opt out prematurely. I hear rumours a couple of last year’s already have, sadly. Simple recommendation: improve the quality of FASTHOCKEY broadcasts. Btw, Powassan appears to be really good this year.

  4. Hey Espofan2 the amount teams already spend is quite a bit with cameras the cost could be really high. Would be nice with different camera angles especially in Espanola in the far corner. I have seen some broadcasts from the States that were a lot worse though. Conragts to the NOJHL hopefully they can bring the league more respect.

  5. My only point is NCAA coaches and scouts do depend on the FASTHOCKEY broadcasts to look at prospects. I hate to hear CCHL and OJHL disparaging this fine league just because they haven’t been to any games and seen the speed (that doesn’t translate to the screen) and passion of the fans. I find Iroquois Falls last year were a perfect template to follow in camera angles, pregame and intermission discussions, etc.

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