As the NOJHL grows…

May 19, 2015

It was not that long ago — 2007 to be exact — that membership in the Northern Ontario Jr. Hockey League stood at a mere six teams.

Eight years later, the NOJHL has doubled in size and is poised to be a 12-team league when the first pucks drop on the 2015-2016 season in less than four months.

The little league that was is growing through careful expansion and relocation.

As the NOJHL moves into new markets and maintains and reclaims status in others, it has done so under the solid, effective leadership of commissioner Rob Mazzuca.

Mazzuca has been on the job since 2011 and has been progressive and hands-on. And while some like him and some don’t — does it really matter who? — he has thoughtfully planned out the future while staying in the present.

Mazzuca’s contract as NOJHL commissioner will soon expire and there is little doubt that he has majority support from team governors to be extended on a multi-year deal.

The question is whether Mazzuca will get an offer that he can’t refuse to stay on as commissioner.

Let’s face it, while Mazzuca thoroughly enjoys his job as NOJHL leader, he makes a fraction of what other Canadian Jr. A commissioners are paid for what have become full-time jobs.

I have been told by those who know that commissioners from the Ontario Jr. Hockey League and Central Canada Jr. Hockey League have salaries in the $100,000 range. And I am told that even the commissioner of the five-team, Superior International Jr. Hockey League makes more than Mazzuca does.

What does Mazzuca get paid as NOJHL commissioner?

I asked him but he wouldn’t tell me.

So, I asked a few NOJHL governors and they all said that Mazzuca takes home about $30,000 per year in salary dollars.

Not that it’s my business but I think Mazzuca should be up for a raise closer to what other Canadian Jr. A commissioners are being paid.

Much of what Mazzuca is good at is maintaining the NOJHL, advancing it and cleaning up any spills.

To be sure, the examples of Mazzuca being prepared and a step ahead of the game in the four years that he has been on the job as NOJHL commissioner are numerous and impressive.

He turned the folding Kirkland Lake Blue Devils into the resurrected — and eventual champion — Kirkland Lake Gold Miners in the middle of a season.

He watched as the Elliot Lake Bobcats became the Cochrane Crunch and saw to it that there was a new team in EL before the next season began.

He watched as the Abitibi Eskimos became the Timmins Rock and saw to it that the flailing Mattawa Blackhawks became the Iroquois Falls Eskimos.

He has overseen expansion, first to Powassan and then to French River.

And while teams in the Michigan Soo and Espanola both left for other leagues within the past three years, both are poised to return to the NOJHL in 2015-2016 under Mazzuca’s watch.

He has also managed to fend off the Canadian International Hockey League, which strolled into NOJHL territory amid hope and hype last fall only to flounder and then fold.

Mazzuca has done his job — and then some.

It may be time to pay up.

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  1. Best Commish the Noj has had since Joe Drago an as we well know Joe is now the Chairman for all of Hockey Canada.

  2. I would say its time to pay up. Mazucka has showed what he is worth it. 6 Teams to 12 Teams and all of markets controled.

  3. Great article Randy. Mazzuca has helped grow the NOJHL and keep stability to the league. Will he stay? I guess that would be his decision. I wonder though with the work he has done to progress the NOJHL towards a positive change if he will go further into a Hockey Canada position. Just a thought anyways.

  4. As a fan of this League for almost 20 Yrs I say that it has never before being in such good job and that is credit to Rob, Hector & The Staff.

  5. CIHL Fan: What why write that?. I enjoyed having any junior hockey in Espanola last year,the league didn’t work now time to move on and back to the NOJHL for stability.

  6. Completely agree. We tend to rip our leaders when they fail. They deserve the credit when they succeed, as Mr. Mazzuca has clearly done. My limited dealings were impressive – courteous, respectful, competent. Well done!

  7. Great article…Randy, I know it’s just a bit of word play but when you say “takes home” 30K – would that be his after tax amount or is this 30K his gross salary?

  8. CIHL Fan . . . The idea of the CIHL mite have been a good idea but it did not work so you can either get over it or shut the f–k up since as you are the one with the “BS”. “RR” and “RM” have obviusly settled there diffrences judge-ing by the many Articles . .. . so why dont you just let it go and move on.

  9. As with any leadership position in any enterprise, results are the yardstick that determines whether salary increases are in order (just ask Mike Babcock!). By that measure, 12 teams to oversee means Mr. Maz is overdue.

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