Assistance for the Timmins Rock

April 24, 2015

Timmins Rock of the Northern Ontario Jr. Hockey League will get assistance from three new assistants for the 2015-2016 season. has confirmed that James Daschuk, Eric Paquette and Marc Bisson will join the Rock coaching staff as assistants to veteran coach-general manager Paul Gagne.

The troika of assistants have a prior association with the AAA bantam Timmins Eagles, thus are no strangers to hockey in the northeastern Ontario area.

Gagne said and he and his newly-hired assistants are on the same page in many ways.

“They share the same philosophy as I do. It’s all about the kids. They put everything they have into coaching,” Gagne told the Timmins Daily Press.

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  1. Timmins Rock…….will Gagne be a better Coach because he is in Timmins? Have the three Asst ever Coached higher than Bantam?

  2. Careful Timmins Rocks! That trio of assistants screwed up the perfect opportunity for a AAA bantam all ontario championship. They took the most talented group of major bantams we’ve seen here in a decade and barely finished ahead of last place in the league. Paul better keep a tight leash on them and not let Daschuk speak to the media, as he sounded like the 14 year olds he was coaching this year instead of a 30 year old adult, every time he gave a quote to the news paper.

  3. Best coaching Staff in the NOJHL League well that is good for a laff LMAO.
    Lets see…Sault, K-L, Elliott Lake, Cochrane, even Powwasan…All good coaches staff’s there…but hold on now we are supposed to belief “Timmins Rocks” that this Team has the best Coaching Staff…Based on what I ask!?!?!?!?

  4. Hockeytimeintimmins…………I would have to ask…..did you watch any of the all Ontario? To state this team (12-17-11 record with a very early exit in the play-offs, not to mention the goaltending situation) could have won an all Ontario is absolutely ridiculous. There was more coaching going on at home, and kids heads being filled with illusions of grandeur. Coaching wasn’t the issue.

  5. That was my point HockEye. Based on 8 returning players and what the “2000’s” have done since they were in novice, the NOHA felt the Eagles bantams had the best chance at an All Ontario, so they chose Timmins to host. Unfortunately this team put the “fun” in dysfunctional and the coaches were the major contributor to that right from the start of the year. Maybe if there was some sort of coaching going on at the rink the parents wouldn’t have had to do any at home.

  6. PS HockEye how is an automatic entry into the All Ontario as host not the perfect opportunity to win it? What happened to that team after the season started rests on the coaches shoulders.

  7. There’s too many parents out there complaining about how the coaching stifled little Johnny’s chance to make it big. These are the same parents that have a penchant for undermining what the coaching staff is trying to accomplish. If this team was as talented a you mention it would have shown in the standings. They were never picked to win the league and looking forward there may be one player that will get a look in the draft next year. At the end of the day these coaches are volunteers. If the expectation for next season is any higher I think there will be some disappointment.

  8. Who wants to watch hockey at the Mac, sore neck for sure, I’ll still be heading to the igloo where you can have a great seat and see all of the ice not just half

  9. Northernlites, some 200 fans apparently want to watch hockey at the Mac judging by the amount of season passes sold… There are better seats than others at the Mac and some not so great your right about that, I have my seats already and I know I good seats. No sore neck for me!
    The real question is who would choose not to support a local JrA club in his home town and spend x amount of $ and time to drive an extra hour to go see the same caliber elsewhere? I’ve supported the eskis and travelled to 75% of the games since 2002 and I’ll probably drive up when the Rock play in I.F. and you’re right it is a better place to watch a hockey game.
    As for the critics for the assistants, I think it’s great for them and will be great for the Rock. they did a good job with the Eagles and I agree with Hockeye’s comments. I have yet to see a minor hockey rep team where all the parents agree with all what the coaches are doing!
    At the end of the day, I.F. still has a team so why the need to bash the Rock organization?

  10. Does anyone know how Steve Sullivan will be advising Paul Gagne. Morning Telephone , lines etc………tell me what’s the difference between an advisor and a Senior Advisor, Steve will be a Senior advisor. What a big advantage Paul will have.

  11. Great to see one of the successful Timmins guys help out in any capacity. Advisor, Senior advisor, Junior advisor, popcorn sales…….who really cares! It will contribute to the overall success of the team and I am sure the organization appreciates the help.

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