Beavers nearing milestone

February 9, 2017

Blind River Beavers of the Northern Ontario Jr. Hockey League are closing in on establishing a franchise record for regular-season victories.

With six games to play in the regular season, the Beavers need two wins to set a new standard for success.

The Beavers won their 28th game of the 2016-2017 season on Wednesday, a 7-0 whitewash of the Espanola Express. The victory improved the Beavers record to 28-17-3 on the season, good for second place in the NOJHL’s West Division.

It has been an historic turnaround in Blind River under first-year head coach Kyle Brick and a staff that includes assistant coach Dylan King, director of player personnel Craig MacDonald and senior advisor/scouting director Charly Murray.

In three seasons prior to this one, the Beavers won only 20 games in total.

The record for most wins by a Beavers team was set during the 2009-2010 season when Blind River posted a record of 29-14-7 with Jim Capy as coach.

Blind River entered the NOJHL in 1999.

The Beavers can tie the franchise record for most wins in a regular season when they play host to the French River Rapids on Friday night.

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  1. For a 1st year coach and his staff this is a tremendous turnaround. If everyone in the organization would get on board, this would be a real nice ride.

    1. Well said Charly, the Organization needs to get on board and let the Bench Staff do their job….an ongoing issue with this franchise. Go Beavers Go! Congrats to the success of the Bench staff!

  2. Randy,
    We in Blind River are loving every minute of this season.
    As always we are proud to be Beaver fans.
    Keep up the good work everybody.
    Playoffs are going to be exciting.

  3. Where are all the idiots that were bashing Bricker before the season had even started…..saying he was a joke ….well hey the joke is you idiots….sorry….

  4. Although linda and others are proud many so called junior hockey fans in blind river are not as proud. To back up my assertion, in 2015-16 they averaged 198 fans per game. In 2016-17 the beavers have averaged 209 fans. So kyle brick and his staff have turned this organization around in rather short order yet the people of blind river are still not showing up. Why?

  5. Hockey critic – I believe there’s a “counting” issue happening. That being said, Mr. Russon, I believe we are down to 1 game and a new record is set based upon tonight’s score. And Charly, well said! Tullio, what were they thinking, he’s a determined young man who puts everything into the team and the game. I guess it’s easier to chirp from the sidelines!

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