Birds send Eagles packing

March 26, 2016

A huge crowd at Pullar Stadium in the Michigan Soo watched the exit of the Soo Eagles for the 2015-2016 season.

Before 874 fans at venerable Pullar on a Good Friday evening, the visiting Soo Thunderbirds shut out the Eagles for the third straight game en route to a 2-0 victory and a 4-0 sweep in the best-of-seven, Northern Ontario Jr. Hockey League West Division semi-final series.

The regular-season champion Thunderbirds out-scored the Eagles 18-3 and out-shot their cross-border rivals by a resounding 173-76 margin in the four games.

Rarely tested in posting three straight shutouts to close out the set was Thunderbirds goaltender Connor Ryckman, who did not allow a goal in the final 192 minutes of the series.

The series sweep culminated a campaign of dominance by the reigning champion Thunderbirds over the Eagles, who returned to the NOJHL this season after three years in the North American Hockey League. In all, regular season and playoffs included, the Thunderbirds won 14 of 16 games against the Eagles.

As for the Thunderbirds, who got a short-handed goal from Drake Pilon, a tally from Joey Miller and two assists from standout defenseman Caleb Boman in Friday’s series-clincher against the Eagles, they will now meet the Elliot Lake Wildcats in the West Division finals.

The veteran Miller scored four goals in the series for the T-Birds.

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  1. Well this was in fact a great finish for the Eagles who packed in the fans and sold a profitable amount of burgers and beers.

    It is quite obvious from watching players who looked like they played together for the first time each time they came out and had no idea what plays or power plays could defend or score against their rivals and yet watching Canadian fans roll in and buy burgers and beers that in fact seemed to be the main goal of the Eagles’ franchise.

    I am sure the players grew tired of working hard and being rewarded by the Head Coach trotting out the same lines and putting out out of shape players who by no fault of their own could not figure out how to get the puck out of their own end.

    Anyway…enjoyed the burgers and beers…see you next year.

  2. It is nice to see this series come to an end with the results that anyone could have predicted. The Eagles had an incredible reputation that they needed to uphold with some saying, including comments from Randy himself that the Eagles were the class of the league and were going to bring up the level of play in the NOJHL. Yes there are some skilled players on the Eagles and over time they may develop into something more, but what we were subjected to was a season of undisciplined, unruly players who seemed more intent on slashing, hacking and trying to take players out. It is true that as we watch a game, we all view it through our own lens. It was disappointing to read throughout the season the glowing remarks of players on the Eagles by Randy and he couldn’t seem to resist shots at the Thunderbirds. So much for objective reporting.

    I hope that the commissioner had his eyes opened to the type of play demonstrated by the Eagles. Just look up the discipline reports on the NOJHL website to see what teams hold the most offenses and penalties. The Eagles and Thunderbirds are at opposite ends.The officiating in Soo Michigan is substandard. They have had difficulty controlling games, calling a fair game and keeping up with the game. I’m sure that at last night’s game, one ref and one linesman were not even old enough to drive and they were in charge of keeping a very emotional game in check with players twice their size. I guess we will wait to see what next year brings

    1. “Steve”, as you may have noticed, I edited your post. You can call me out and that’s okay but I will not allow you to call out a young hockey player while hiding under an alias. You know who you are and I know who you are. As an adult and a hockey dad, you should be ashamed, man.

      1. I don’t know who you think I am, but you have me mistaken Randy. I’m NOT a hockey dad at all just a spectator. And I am certainly NOT hiding behind an alias . I was just stating an opinion and I still stand by my observations and opinion regarding this young man’s behaviour. I have nothing to be ashamed about. You make it seem like my comment was a personal attack. Interesting that under the guise of journalism you can say anything you want, regardless of the impact on a team or individual but my comment struck a nerve. I hope that if you feel this way you will protect the interest of all young hockey players.

        1. Steve, under the “guise of journalism” I sign my FULL NAME to anything and everything I write.

          You, on the other hand, attempted to attack a young man on the Eagles and are only willing to sign your first name. You are not hiding behind an alias? No, but you are only willing to give your first name.

          The difference between us, Steve, is that when I give my opinion and/or call someone out, I attach my FULL NAME to it for any and all to see.

          Happy Easter, Steve. And feel free to share your last name the next time you try to call out a junior hockey player.

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