Blind River head coach resigns

January 11, 2015

Veteran bench boss Don Gagnon has resigned as head coach of the Blind River Beavers of the Northern Ontario Jr. Hockey League.

Gagnon confirmed to this morning that he has stepped aside from his position with the lowly Beavers, who are a distant last in the nine-team NOJHL with only 1 point from a record of 0-33-1.

The reputable Gagnon, who has a long coaching history at various levels in the Sault Ste. Marie area, was in his second season at the helm of the Beavers. He previously was an associate coach with the team.

Angelo Gallo has taken over from Gagnon as interim head coach of the Beavers.

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  1. Even though they were winless the coach seemed to be doing what he could with what he has. I talked to an elderly fan of Blind River at the wolves game last Wednesday he was saying there needs to be a change in who is running the team.

  2. Hearing that player agent and Kalkaska Rhinos part owner Joe Kolodziej, close friends with Bob Mazucca, is buying the Beavers and moving the team to Michigan.

  3. This is certainly news to me since I don’t own any part of Kalkaska, and I am home with the flu, so I haven’t made any trips to BL. Thanks for the heads up Randy. As a point of reference, under USA Hockey rules, moving BL to Michigan would be impossible anyway. Nice try though, Big Joe Mattawa McGruff.

  4. I am sure Mr Gagnon, did what he could for the Beavers and should be commended for such it must of been hard on the man to stick it out as long as he did ! sometimes change can be a good thing good luck to the Beavers Organization moving forward ! Keep fighting hard fellas, for your loyal fan base !

  5. No surprise. Two manipulators at the helm.. since the summer. Promises, manipulation and sabatoge seemed to be their way of business. The train is crashing and the engine is about to destroy a good organization. What goes around, comes around……………………….. Shame on the both of those guys……….. coach and Pres…

  6. Gallo is a hack and the president isn’t smart enough to tell the difference. I hope the team is sold cause is going to crash hard. I be been to blind for a couple games and feel sorry for their fans. It’s a great hockey town, but with those two at the for front now. Their doomed. I hope the fans enjoy the rest of the season. Cause there will not be hockey in Blind River next year.

    1. 100% agree verbal abuse of the players would be an understand statement… Coach tells everyone that he was part of USA national team really ???

  7. So why is Gallo a “Hack” as you posted Disgusted? Some details would be welcome before you attack the man.
    Are you saying that Don Gagnon should have stayed…..with the record they have I’m surprised he wasn’t fired weeks ago. To me, without a single win, this guy was poor at just about everything from recruiting, to game prep to actual coaching. Hockey is a results oriented business and this guy did not deliver. I’ve never heard of a junior team not winning a single game, it is beyond not delivering.

    1. In My Opinion…He is a bantam coach that’s the experience he has … and now trying to coach JR’s just cauz he’s cussing and screaming doesn’t mean he’s qualified … Yesterday was disgraceful what he did to the kids … the kids play hard … very degrading to them I feel bad for those kids … and I wont even start on the worthless and I mean FN worthless President … Please Sell the TEAM the kids deserve to have hockey people running the organization not a fruitcake !!!

  8. BL is a great small town people are fantastic but no hockey people running the show… its very embarrassing , not organized and very unethical … I hope for the community and the kids they sell to Kalkaska or anyone else for that matter …. the coach and president have NO CLUE dumb and dumber of hockey!!!

  9. I have been to a few games this year, players played hard and for a period of time they played with 2 lines and did the best they could. Hands to those players. they played with what they had , meaning for a JR team they didn’t really have much to even work with, bus, housing~ that could feed them, gym, assistant coaches, the list goes on. disappointed in the board to let these things go on! MY HEART GOES OUT TO THE BOYS THAT ARE STAYING WITH TEARS IN MY EYES CAUSE THE WORK HARD AND DESERVE MORE TO GET WHERE THEY WANT IN NEXT LEVEL. BL should not have a JR HOCKEY TEAM

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