Clayden kept NB Trappers afloat

April 22, 2014

David Beauchamp, who recently received approval from the Northern Ontario Jr. Hockey League to move his franchise from North Bay to Mattawa for the 2014-2015 season, has confirmed that Espanola Rivermen owner Tim Clayden kept the Trappers afloat for the 2013-2014 campaign.

As the NOJHL has approved the relocation of the Trappers from North Bay to Mattawa, Beauchamp and Clayden are currently involved in legal proceedings over who actually owns the NOJHL team.

At any rate, below is a copy of an-mail sent by Beauchamp to Clayden in February of this year acknowledging that Clayden kept the Trappers afloat for the 2013-2014 season.

From: David Beauchamp

Subject: North Bay Trappers 2013-2014

Date: February 15, 2014 at 2:10:49 PM EST

To: Tim Clayden

To whom it may concern:

The North Bay Trappers operations in 2013-2014 would not have been possible without Tim Clayden although David Beauchamp has paid Tim Clayden 30k from February 2013 to April 2013. David has since then relied on Tim’s financial resources amounting in over 45k to keep the North Bay Trappers afloat for the 2013-2014 season. From busing, billets, and ice rental fees, Tim Clayden is the only reason the Trappers finished the 2013-2014 season.


David Beauchamp

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  1. Hmmmm very interesting , a man who wants nothing to do with the NOJHL , spent his own money to keep it afloat , Like sands through the hourglass ……. the soap opera continues ….

  2. WOW! Interresting!
    NOJHL Brass and Owners have been pissing all over Claydon and now we have Written Proof from DB himself that TC bailed DB out to allow the Traps to finish the season!
    I wonder if the Commish bothered to thank Claydon for this… wait he suspended him instead!!!!
    The NOJHL has become a Soap Opera!!!! you are right Dcky.

  3. Dcky33,
    It was made to protect his investment.. Clayden was still owed money for the sale of the franchise, but if it went bankrupt he wouldnt get the rest of his money… it is not about supporting the NOJHL it is about good business..

  4. This bit of News puts a different light on this matter.

    That being said you would think the NOJHL as a League would be focussing on the KL-Soo Series insted of releasing a story about North Bay moving to another Town.
    Figure me for being a GMiners fan but: Should the focus of the League not be on the Championship Series???

  5. I am sure this is all smoke and mirrors… I have it on good authority Beauchamp has got his lawyer involved. Randy have you spoken to both parties?

    Also did Beauchamp not buy a new membership from the league?

    I thought Clayden moved his franchise with all the players to Espanola?

    How can someone buy a franchise from someone when transactions happen SEE BELOW copied from
    August 13, 2013 – North Bay Trappers acquire Dustin Hummel from the Espanola Rivermen

    Just my questions RR, maybe you have more information.

    1. Justice,

      I sent an e-mail message to David Beauchamp seeking comment. Thus far, he has not responded.

      But the e-mail from David to Tim Clayden is clearly sent from David’s e-mail address to Tim’s.

  6. From what I suspect and have heard here and there, Beauchamp purchased the Traps’ intellectual property, i.e., equipment, name, assets and contracts, but not the actual franchise… that alone is still worth some coin and if true, add that to the $45,000 Clayden gave to keep the team afloat it paints a very bleak financial picture for Beauchamp, it would seem to me.

  7. I mean if you can’t find the financial support to keep a team alive in a city like North Bay even with the Lakers and Battalion and triple-A hockey, could it get any better in a smaller locale like Mattawa? Just asking.

  8. There was no financial support for the Trappers last year because the Battalion came to town and everyone jumped on the wagon of the new team . Board Advertising – concessions etc were not made available to the Trappers thus no revenue – , the team had a minimal marketing plan in place to start the season – no seasons tickets etc , and then when winter hit – who really wanted to stand in the Frigid WF Arena – no seats or anything . Have to give the young people who tried their best at selling 50/50 tickets and sponsorships but no one was interested .

    Bottom line is that no one could have made that that operation work , The best scenario is that the Major Junior Team should be involved in the operation of a Tier 2 team – thus allowing them to stock players – play the same systems etc, etc.

  9. all that I understand Dck I have run teams before.. my question is couldn’t anyone see this not working?

  10. When considering the “O” was coming back to the Bay what made Mr. Beauchamp and the NOJHL think the Traps could make a go of it espesially playing at West Ferris and with Nip U also in the same market?
    Give Mr. Beauchamp credit for trying but the NOJHL should take some responsibility for basically putting Mr. Beauchamp in a position to fail.

  11. Hawkeyscout… as per NOJHL rules you cant “sell contracts” last time I checked the Trappers had all new equipment as well. I spoke to Beauchamp once and said he was screwed from the get go. and when he pulled out threats were made to him, including in front of his coach.

  12. Justice: The email clearly states Mr. Beauchamp saying “To Who It May Concern” that Mr. Clayden kept the Traps afloat.
    I suppose that is why this will be decided in a Court of Law as to who the Franchise belongs to. ? I don’t know but you seem to know Mr. Beauchamp rather well.

  13. sorry I didn’t mean player contracts justice.. advertising and revenue contracts are not beholding to the NOJHL

  14. Congrats to the Kirkland Lake goldminers on a NOJHL championship! and congrats to the Soo on staying classy until the end. Best of luck to the NOJHL at the Dudley

  15. Clearly another desperate act on the part of the NOJHL in my opinion.
    Allowing an organization which clearly could not keep its head above water to skip town and move to Mattawa with weeks left to go was one thing but to hang Clayden out to dry when the evidence is here once and for all that not only did he fund the Rivermen but also the Trappers.
    I hope the town of Mattawa has done there due diligence on DB.
    Gentleman with deep pockets have had trouble succeeding in this league how will one who could not pay his bills make a go of it in Mattawa?
    I guess if the league continues to turn a blind eye a who owes who money — ask Tisdale Bus — then everything will be fine.

    1. Wow! Just wow! Over the past few weeks while KL has progressed through the playoffs the question has been asked on this site several times. Why does the KL team and KL fans get such a bad rap? Why does everyone always have it in for them? Why do people call them arrogant and full of themselves? Well there you have it. Great representation from KL right there. Not just this one, but three condescending arrogant comments aimed directly at the person that gives you this blog to post on. Way to keep it classy Sinclair! You really are a pompous ass and this is why your team and fans get treated the way they do.

  16. North Bay Trappers
    Media Release

    Thursday, June 13, 2013
    Club Governor Tim Clayden commented on the future of the Trappers moving into West Ferris and their new management team heading up the club’s hockey operations.

    “The contract with the City of North Bay gives the organization a chance to do very well on and off the ice each season.”

    “I am really happy for Chris Dawson as Chris has earned to right to head up his own on ice team with his own people and has always represented the Jr. Trappers, the NOJHL and the City of North Bay with class”.

    “His vision for Jr.Trappers hockey in West Ferris and for area local hockey players is to be commended,” Clayden added,

    “Newly appointed President David Beauchamp will be good for Jr. Trappers hockey as his heart in the right place and has been planning hard to give more local players an opportunity to play junior hockey at home while attending college and university at home.”

    David’s enthusiasm for Jr.Trappers hockey in West Ferris is exciting for all involved, West Ferris, the players and the Trappers local area fans.”

  17. This email brings nothing new to the table . This fact was revealed months ago in the Nugget . Nobody but those involved know the actual details of the transfer and they will work it out however they chose . The original KL franchise was the old Manitoulin franchise . When Mr. Kasner closed shop the new group were offered the old Temiskaming franchise which was dormant . Since the moves in North Bay and Espanola occurred it should be safe to assume one franchise replaces the old Manitoulin franchise which was dormant , the other assumes the North Bay francise . The owners may operate and fund a franchise but the franchises themselves are the property of the NOJHL and that body has a mandate to have a max of 8 as per the OHF . The legal case of who owes what to whom will be decided outside of the hockey world . As far as I know Mr. Leach and Mr. Kasner are not finished with each other yet , but I could be wrong . Yet both franchises still operate . My biggest question is why there was a need for somebody to make this private email between the two public and what the real gain is for doing so at this time . It’s politics and business so it must work out in somebody’s advantage to have it happen .

  18. Randy, I have a question I have heard a rumour and i hope someone will be able to answer the questions. I have heard the comish from the north I hope I spell his name right Mr Bazooka is trying desperately hard to hold on to Elliot Lake, also is it true that the past owner has left a trail of debts behind but I understand that the comish has put a new group together for Town Council Meeting tonight, what if EL fails, make one wonder what Blind River and the Soo will do also makes one wonder why the NOJHL moved a team out of Elliot Lake to begin with. Just what has the Comish guaranteed the Mayor and Council that the North will pay the debt left behind and by what date, I have heard a large sum and paid by June 1 of this year. Maybe EL should look at the new league where I think it could do well in at least it just might have some intrigue and above the table decisions. Also could you tell me how a comish is allowing North Bay to sell players out west so he get money before Hockey Canada June 1st start up date? Does this guy think he is above all rules even as Commissioner. Just saying and it could be all rumour not sure what to think or believe anymore.

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