Coach Capy joins Soo Eagles staff

August 22, 2015

Esteemed bench boss Jim Capy is returning to the Northern Ontario Jr. Hockey League as co-coach of the Soo Eagles, has learned.

Capy is no stranger to the NOJHL, having previously been a winning coach with the Soo Thunderbirds, Blind River Beavers and the erstwhile Soo Indians.

A retired Canada Post worker, Capy spent the 2014-2015 season with the Soo Thunderbirds of the Great North Midget Hockey League, guiding them to the championship.

With Thunderbirds management having recently relinquished control of the midget team — which will still operate as a GNMHL franchise under the administration of the Sault Major Hockey Association — Capy decided to move on after getting an offer to join the NOJHL Eagles from coach-general manager Bruno Bragagnolo.

In returning to the NOJHL with the Michigan-based Eagles, Capy began by thanking the former administration of the erstwhile Thunderbird midgets, Albert Giommi and Kevin Cain.

“We had a really good year together and I want to thank Albert and Kevin for their efforts in establishing a quality major midget program,” Capy said evenly.

Moving on from the midget ranks and back to the junior level has Capy excited.

“The NOJHL has not only grown to 12 teams but it has grown in terms of the level of talent, coaching and leadership,” opined Capy.

After being offered the co-coach position with the NOJHL Eagles, Capy said he made sure that his work with the midget program was done before accepting Bragagnolo’s offer.

“I have known Bruno a long time, I have coached against him and I have a lot of respect for him,” said Capy. “He has won wherever he has coached and he has a reputation for running a good program and for developing players.”

Between the 58-year old Capy and the 57-year old Bragagnolo, the two have been coaching for a combined 60-plus years.

Besides having previously coached in the NOJHL and with the Thunderbird midgets, Capy has also coached at the major midget level in the Michigan Soo and at the high school level in the Canadian Soo.

Bragagnolo knows who and what he is getting in Capy.

“There is no doubt about his coaching expertise and knowledge of the game,” Bragagnolo said of Capy. “Everyone knows who Jim is and he has a ton of respect throughout hockey.

“He makes our staff even better,” Bragagnolo continued. “He runs a great practice and he has kept up with the game. It’s like having another head coach — which is why he is coming in as co-coach and not as an assistant.

“Jim is known for his preparation and attention to detail and he will have a lot of say in running the team,” added Bragagnolo, who as general manager and part owner of the Eagles also oversees operation of the team-run concession stand and beer area at Pullar Stadium.

After three seasons in the North American Hockey League, the Eagles are returning to the NOJHL this 2015-2016 campaign in what is now a 12-member loop.

As part of a revamped NOJHL, the Eagles and reigning champion Soo Thunderbirds will be resuming their hotly-contested, cross-border rivalry.

PHOTO: Jim Capy is returning to the NOJHL as co-coach of the Soo Eagles. (Photo by Ali Pearson.)

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  1. This a great hire by the Eagles. Coach Capy has been around the block and as RR say’s has the respect thru out the Game. Welcome to the Eagle Nest Coach Capy. You and Bruno will make the best Coach team in the League I have no dout about it.

  2. Jim Capy will be great for the Soo Eagles, Good coach,Very knowledgeable, and with the Eagles great volunteer staff this will be a great program. Very excited about this

  3. Smart move by the Eagles here giving Bruno a little more help with running the coaching end of things while he’s busy with the GM side of things. Classy move by the club.

  4. Smart move by Bruno. Jim is a class act that teaches players the right way to play hockey and sets them up for their futures both on and off the ice. Best of luck Coach Capy

  5. This is where Capy wants to be, back with the big boys. He has many years of experience, many contacts and has helped many young players advance in their careers. Jim will be quite happy with his new position, and it will be good to see him back in Blind River, albeit on the opposition bench.

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