Cochrane coach livid over Cordeiro snub

November 3, 2015

Cochrane Crunch coach-general manager-owner Ryan Leonard has come to the defense of his high-scoring forward Dustin Cordeiro, who was left off the Northern Ontario Jr. Hockey League squad that will compete at this month’s Eastern Canada All-Star Challenge with teams from four other Jr. A leagues.

Despite leading the NOJHL with 20 goals in 18 games thus far this 2015-2016 campaign, Cordeiro — who scored 62 goals during the 2014-2015 season — was snubbed by the league’s selection committee.

And not surprisingly, Leonard is livid.

“The NOJHL has once again made a big mistake, this is two years in a row that they snubbed Dusty,” Leonard told “Last year he was the top scorer but when the team was first picked he was not on it.

“I had to go to bat for him and get myself in trouble like always to protect my players and they did end taking him and he was the best player for Team NOJHL, the stats don’t lie.

“This year he has 20 goals, which is the most in the entire NOJHL and he also is third in the league in points. Where has the loyalty and the integrity in our league gone? I know he is not the best two-way player, that’s always been the knock against him, but he has been working at it and this year his plus-minus is one of the best on our team,” Leonard added.

PHOTO: Cochrane Crunch forward Dustin Cordeiro scored 62 goals during the 2014-2015 season and has 20 in 18 games thus far in 2015-2016.

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  1. I agree with you totally, my son is 4th is points in the NOJHL and from what I seen on the stats for the league, there are players that were selected onto the all star team with fewer than 15 points. The Commissioner, Director and Coaching staff should be made accountable for their decisions. The players not selected and who have shown throughout the first 6 weeks of the season that they should be consider, should be on the team. Those left of the All Star team also want to get exposure to NCAA schools, Major Junior team, Canadian Universities..

    The ‘promos’ I read from the NOJHL head office go like this… We are sending the best players, we want to improve on our placing last year etc….. Have you spoken to the 3-5 players in the top 10 in scoring that were left off the team??

  2. It constantly amazes me how people are chosen for different teams…. i think that there should be a public rating system for all star teams …… when i say public i mean that the public, hockey players, coaching, management, owners can see …….. it should include things like skating, strength, goals/assists/(current – past season league level) plus/minus, …………… there needs to be an intangible category as well ,,,,,,,,,,,, now who should vote on it ………………. the above could give a pool of players ………. then perhaps all coaches /gms should vote on the pool of players …………. and that the coach/gm of the all star team …………….. have two wildcard pics left up to them ……………. some sense of fairness etc is required …………. my 2 sense

  3. Wow quite the sniper,weird that he was left off the team. You never know though what the criteria is sometimes. Wow like Ryan ever needed anything to be upset about,friendly jab there.

  4. Funny how everyone thinks points are the only determining factor in choosing players. Put all the top scorers on one team and watch that team lose. Hockey is a two way game. Some players on the Crunch are one way players. Watch them and you will see. The Soo only has one player in top 20 and they are the best team in the league. So only 1 player should be there from the Soo?

    Me thinks thou protest too much!

  5. I know I’m swimming against the current, but it I agree with the selections. Firstly, i think we can take it to the bank that the Coaches know what they need, and have proven success. Secondly, i happen to think Cordeiro is highly overrated, and his stats are inflated by several factors. Goals, and being the top ten in scoring, can be very misleading, and is often why “all star” teams embarrass themselves.

  6. Yes, absence of Cordiero , is a head scratcher, as is Grosse on the point from Powassan, from my stand point.
    But as in every all star type team ever assembled in every league, there will always be players that, at least on paper, deserve to be there.
    It’s ultimately a tough decision, regarding final personnel.

  7. I totally disagree with Cpt Obvious. He isnt so obvious in this case. Go to every coach in this league, and they would take Cordeiro on their team in a heart beat including your favorite team Mr Obvious. Last year in the All Star comp he was a major contributor for the team in helping them get to the semi finals. He was a 2nd team allstar for the NOJHL last year. He is a Fan favorite in Cochrane and a great representative for the Cochrane Crunch in their community. Then take a look at his stats this year. He has scored against every team. Watching him play his setups for his team mates are just amazing. His puck handling skills, the way he see’s the ice, speed, and of course, his ability to find that little opening to score. I believe he should of been on that team. Even as a fourth liner. really, number one goal scorer in the league and they couldn’t find a spot even on the fourth line. Its not right. Just saying.

    1. Me guess your comment is a we bit offside – you state every coach in the league would pick him for this team – but 3 coaches on this team chose not to take him. What gives? There be no poolitics in dis league.

  8. You’d think when they take the likes of HunterAtchison and Seamus Maguire, you’d think you want the sniper that makes up the highest scoring trio in the league. A line that would be difficult to stop no matter what CJHL league it is.

    Missing Zach Kercz, Brayden Stortz, and Kyle Fransen is a bit of a noodle scratcher (the kid has 20 points in 12 games as a D).

    Problem is..half the league isn’t represented. The people who pick their teams are all guys who are affiliated with all the players selected. RBC, Soo, KL, Pow, EL, and Cochrane.

    There are no mentions of the team from Timmins, SooMich and the 4 bottom teams which have some pretty talented players on them as well.

    Anyways, there’s always snubs in All Star teams…never fails…just sucks DC had to be one of the early snubs.

      1. Ah fair enough Randy.

        Do you know why they only picked from 6 teams? It’s beyond me why they didn’t at least take a peek at what the Rock and Eagles featured. The 4 other teams likely don’t have the talent that’s ready for a showcase like that…but it seems like a slap in the face to those two organizations.

  9. The whole thing reeks. Director of operations or whatever the tile is should totally step away from it. This is not a slight to his kid who is one talented player, but why would you ever put yourself in that position. All the “need all types of players” comments are crap. The talented guys will take whatever role they get assigned on the team. Boy oh boy, there are some suspect picks for sure.

  10. Brad and Hockey eye, I couldn’t of said it better. The picking seems to have been totally representing the coaching staff’s teams.

    All these boys are talented enough that what ever role they are asked to play, they have the ability to do so.

    Bottom line Cordeiro should of been named to the team.

    I am also hearing that one of the coaches isnt even in our league anymore. That he coaches University hockey. Is that true? If so What gives there. Mr Russon, is there any truth to that? I hope not.

  11. nobody mentioned that there are age parameters of who they take on this all star team. So many 20 year olds, so many 19 year olds, and so many 18 year olds, etc. Sometimes good players get caught in the age game.

  12. No less controversy than a Team Canada Olympic Team selection I see! I agree with Obvious. I have nothing against Cordeiro, or his coach sticking up for him, and he obviously has a nose for the net, but I also saw him at last year’s Challenge Cup. He was far from the best player or the reason for the team’s success. Below average skater and passer. He missed many open teammates for scoring chances, preferring to take a low-percentage shot. Hardly ever backchecks. Players like Sicoly and Baxter had excellent work ethic and positional play and got lots of attention. Sicoly is now deservedly in the OHL. Ethan Strong on defense and Culina in net were standout. Not trying to put Cordeiro down but good coaches notice more than statsheets. Sorry if that hurts Crunch fans.

  13. although called an All Star Challenge, it is in fact a prospects showcase. You can’t really form a team by looking at the points race….who would play defense?

    It is my opinion that there isn’t usually a lot of players who appear twice. Didn’t Cordeiro replace someone last year?? Give someone else a chance.

  14. I think that Leonard has good reason to be miffed. It does seem very suspect that the teams who are represented by coaches are also represented by players and those that weren’t chosen to coach have no player representation. How can team NOJHL only have players from half of its teams!!. As others have commented , there are some strong players on the weaker teams ie Roman Gaudet of SMI that could have been chosen. To those that argue that this is a prospects tourney, how your players get the most exposure is to get further in a tourney as it means more viewing by scouts. How do you get further in a tourney? Icing the best possible team you can ….You wont convince me that a team without Cordeiro is the best possible NOJHL team. This reeks of team favouritism !

  15. When I saw Dustin wasn’t on the roster I was astonished. I can’t believe that the league ignored such a talented player. Dusty definitely deserves to be on the team.

  16. I couldn’t believe Dustin didn’t make the team. He’s an extremely talented player and he so deserved to be on the all-star list.

  17. With the recent promotion of Harland to the Battalion, a spot will be opened up on the roster and that will also leave the Voodoos looking to replace that fire power some how.

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