Eskimos get a pair of locals

May 17, 2015

Second-year skaters Josh Dejulio and Kezmin Madden will play for the hometown Iroquois Falls Eskimos in 2015-2016 rather than join the Timmins Rock, has confirmed.

Both teams are undergoing new beginnings for the upcoming Northern Ontario Jr. Hockey League season.

Previously based in Iroquois Falls, the Timmins Rock is the relocated Abitibi Eskimos.

And the Iroquois Falls Eskimos are in existence as a result of the relocated Mattawa Blackhawks.

As for the players involved in the Timmins-Iroquois Falls transfer — Dejulio, a defenceman, and Madden, a forward, played as rookies with Abitibi in 2014-2015.

Regular season and playoffs included, Dejulio had 2 goals, 21 assists, 23 points in 55 games.

All totaled, Madden had 4 goals, 13 assists, 17 points in 51 games.

Both players hail from Iroquois Falls and have 1996 birth dates.

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  1. Thumbs Up to Scottie and Paul for doing what is rite and letting the two I.F. kids stay at home and play for the Eskimos….classy move by Scottie and Paul.

  2. You said it Timmins Rocks! Scott and Paul have always been 1st Class & this is 1 more Example of there Class.

  3. I remember De Julio and Madden from when they played Midgets for Kap. 2 good players that get to stay home a Win Win situation for the Eskis and for Timmins who did the right thing.

  4. Both team’s wood benafit from having a Scout in this Area . . . . . the name Charlie Murray comes to mind !!!!

  5. Iroquois Falls must be very excited to have a couple of locals added to the roster of their new team. This is great news! So, with Cummings having committed to The Rock, Locke and Roy off to Cobourg to play for the Cougars and now DeJulio and Madden have been “TRANSFERED” to Iroquois Falls. Makes me wonder why the Bruce boy wasn’t included in the Dejulio/Madden deal if it was just a simple transfer?????

    1. Sad to see Roy & Locke go ,maybe they`ll get home sick & come back home …lol Best of luck boys . As for Dalton Bruce not sure if he`s playing this yr but keep an eye on his brother Dillan ,power forward for the Timmins Majors….maybe he`ll make the jump this yr.

      1. I think for the amount of ice time the 3 players had they got a good amount of points and were very affective on the ice. I think Paul gagne didnt give them the chance to show there skill, and only played 1 line all year. But like you said blogs are blogs and opinions vary.

  6. OJHL is a far cry from the NOJHL but these are 2 good ones going to Cobourg – good luck to the young men as they test the waters….the transfers were not much of a splash as Dejulio is likely the only legitimate player of the 3 mentioned that’s able to suit up regularly at this level….may be an unpopular post, but blogs are blogs and opinions vary.

  7. Paul gagne did not give the 3 players a chance. For the amount of shifts they got they had a good amount of points. They had no chance from the beginning because Paul only played 1 line all year. But like you said blogs are blogs and opinions vary.

  8. HockEye and JrAthletics… I agree with both of you, Dejulio most likely to be the only one to make an impact, but also the only one of the 3 who got a legitimate chance for Gagne as he was a top 3 defenseman for Abitibi.

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