Eskis poised to hire new coach

June 26, 2015

Iroquois Falls Eskis of the Northern Ontario Jr. Hockey League are getting close to naming a new head coach.

“It will happen sooner than later,” said Kevin Cain, senior advisor to Allan Donnan, who owns both the Eskis and the French River Rapids of the NOJHL.

Cain told that he has spoken to a number of “good, solid candidates” for the Eskis coaching position that became vacant about a month ago when Taurean White left and took a bench job with the Kingston Voyageurs of the Ontario Jr. Hockey League.

Cain, to be sure, is settling in to his new NOJHL gig while juggling a family life that includes his son’s high school graduation.

A former highly-successful general manager of the Soo Thunderbirds, Cain recently left the reigning champions and subsequently accepted an offer from Donnan to oversee his NOJHL teams.

As Cain puts the finishing touches on hiring a new coach for Iroquois Falls, the volunteer group that fuels the community-related activities for the new-look Eskis is busily prepping for the 2015-2016 NOJHL season that begins during the second week of September.

Community co-ordinator Allison Madden-Blais, an upbeat individual and long-time Eskis volunteer, said the “many hockey fans” in Iroquois Falls who she talks to “are very excited for a new chapter with a new owner. And having Kevin Cain involved with the team is just another reason to be pumped up.”

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  1. I just found out about Taurean the other day. He was an excellent coach and this could be a great opportunity for him to move up and see some time in the O one day. Also I’m not from IF but it will be interesting to see if the new coach will have the same impact that Paul did in the community

  2. I have heard Dube’s name also that of Guy Losier from Hearst and Paquette from Timmins as the new Coach for the Eskis. I bet that RR knows who it is and cannot say so right now.

  3. Dube’s a teacher so that one is a long shot in my opinion. Don’t be surprised if it is someone that Mr. Cain is very familiar with…..

  4. Guy Lossier works for the “Timmins Rock” so I dont think that he is gone to be coaching the ESKIMOS any time soon geeze you people with your rumors.

    1. Guy is not working for the “Rock”. As you know that another organization is doing anything to confuse people by leaving old, and misleading info up on a old website to confuse and piss people off ! Look at the old Eskies website with old info , that wasn’t even up to date at the end of the ownership ” trade ” say we call it ! Seems like some people of that organization is having a hard time excepting that Iroquois Falls can really support a team when you have a “open” organization running it !

  5. Cain and Co will build an Igloo Empire up in IF. Excited to see who gets hired and how the organization will progress down the road.

  6. Brenda I personally talk with Guy Losier I month ago and he told that he is NOT involved with Timmins Rock but his telephone is open for Iroquois Falls Eskis.

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