Espanola Rivermen will help with the chores

February 6, 2014

Espanola Rivermen of the Northern Ontario Jr. Hockey League are taking the term “community involvement” to an innovative level.

The first-year NOJHL entry has introduced its Captain’s Community Chores Program to fans and supporters from the North Shore area.

“There is no chore too small or too big. The Rivermen have a posse of one, two or 20 players who are willing to jump in where needed to do odd jobs for area community members or North Shore junior hockey fans that may be in need of help in any way,” said Rivermen general manager Randy Blake.

Brad Edwards, a 20-year old forward who is the captain Rivermen, noted that “Espanola and the surrounding area fans have come out to support us all season long so we thought with spring coming up, we as players could chip in here and there when needed, doing odd jobs that require our assistance for area households.”

Rivermen players will be available throughout the upcoming weeks for community chores and odd jobs upon request.

Requests can be made by e-mail on the team website or by calling the team office.

Tim Clayden, chairman, governor and director of operations for the Rivermen, shared the pride that he has in his players.

“We are pretty proud of the group of young men that we have assembled here this season,” Clayden began. “Although we’d like to win a few more games on the ice, winning off the ice is equally important to our entire hockey club.”

Clayden called the Rivermen “a special group of players.

“Their actions in the community all year have been excellent and this program will be no different,” said Clayden. “Many of the things these lads have learned this season on and off the ice will help guide them in their future endeavours. We encourage the community and our area junior hockey fans to reach out and put these guys to work, they are a lot of fun to be around.”

Currently in fourth place in the eight-team NOJHL with a solid record of 25-17-1, coach Tom McCarthy’s Rivermen are just one point out of third and have three games in hand on the third-seeded Abitibi Eskimos.

At the gate, the Rivermen lead the entire NOJHL with an average attendance of 556, which is 100-plus more than both Abitibi and the Kirkland Lake Gold Miners, who are next.

As for some of the chores and odd jobs that Rivermen players are committed to doing for those who are in need, they include: Firewood splitting, stacking and delivery, snow removal and shovelling, dog walking, delivery of groceries and more.

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  1. A big salute to the Espanola Rivermen! This Team is a “Class Act” from Tim Clayten to Randy Blake to Coach McCarthy on down to all of the Players you guy’s are “the best” on and off of the ice!

  2. Randy having been involved for over fifty years with the Junior Hockey programme in the North it has been a very pleasant surprise how the young men of the “Rivermen” have taken to this community and the people in it.
    They have made themselves available for many functions and now with this new venture will once again be showing their support for the people that have supported them in their inaugural season in Espanola.
    The nice part about the Rivermen is they thoroughly enjoy the times that they are out in the community and the residents really appreciate them.

  3. David,

    Thanks for your input, coming from someone like you who tells it like it is, good or bad, your words on the Rivermen and their impact on the Espanola and area hockey community are truly refreshing. There never has been any b.s. with you and that is one reason why I like you and respect you so much.



  4. Randy: I was delighted to read the article and the comments from fans concerning the Rivermen and their community initiative. I learned much of my hockey playing from Red McCarthy in Espanola. I continue to have very fond memories of Red and the Espanola community It was a wonderful place for one to grown up. As you know, I was the Commissioner of the league for many years. It gives me great pleasure to see what a team, players and an organization can bring to a community. Winning games and championships certainly are important to an organization; however, contributions such as the one the Rivermen are giving to Espanola are what is life is all about. These young players have many years ahead of them and developing character like this will be with them long after their hockey careers are over. I salute and congratulate the entire Rivermen organization -” A JOB WELL DONE”
    Joe Drago, Executive Vice-Chair, Hockey Canada

  5. This team has been a huge success on and off the ice in the first year. Their interaction with their fans, supporters and their community has been a class act from day one. Their latest venture has brought the idea of giving back to the community to a higher level then ever. This is an ingenious idea to give back and give the community a chance to interact with their home town heroes. But please folks remember they are fighting down the stretch for playoff positioning and playoffs are right around the corner so don’t work them too hard, they will need some extra energy to score some goals…

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