Fresh start in Mattawa

August 7, 2014

David Beauchamp is young — very young — as far as being an owner of a junior A hockey team goes.

Not yet 30-years old, Beauchamp is about to begin his second season as an owner in the Northern Ontario Jr. Hockey League.

To be sure, Beauchamp is hoping for better days in 2014-2015 as owner and general manager of the Mattawa Blackhawks, formerly the North Bay Trappers.

Beauchamp received off-season approval to move the North Bay franchise that he acquired in 2013 to Mattawa effective the 2014-2015 campaign.

With per-game attendance below 100 and issues with West Ferris Arena in North Bay, Beauchamp actually moved his team’s home games to Mattawa towards the end of the 2013-2014 campaign and the Trappers drew crowds of about 250 over several matches at cold-but-cozy Mike Rodden Arena.

Now settled in Mattawa, a town of about 2,000 residents located at the confluence of the Mattawa and Ottawa rivers just outside North Bay, Beauchamp is seeking a fresh start for the Blackhawks, nee Trappers.

He admits to making “rookie mistakes” as a first-year owner in the NOJHL.

“I made a lot of hand-shake deals with advertisers and sponsors that came back to haunt me,” Beauchamp told me in a candid interview.

“At the same time, I take my share of the responsibility for not operating the franchise as well as I could have,” he added.

Beauchamp readily admitted that he still has bills outstanding from his first NOJHL season.

“But I am paying those off,” he told me. “I want to do things right and run a good franchise.”

Beauchamp claims that the Blackhawks already have more than 20 players signed for the 2014-2015 season.

“We are in good shape on the ice and I am happy to tell you that we are in good shape off the ice to begin the season,” he offered.

Besides being the co-owner of the Blackhawks with his wife Justine, Beauchamp is also serving as general manager. Former GM Chris Dawson left the team at the end of the 2013-2014 campaign to take a similar position with the new Powassan Voodoos of the NOJHL.

Beauchamp also has a new coach in place.

Aaron Corbiere was hired just a few days ago to replace Zane Neily, who abruptly quit the Blackhawks late last week.

“We are moving forward,” Beauchamp told me in a confident tone. “We want to make this a good first season in Mattawa.

“I learned a lot in my first year as an owner — who to trust and who not to trust,” he continued. “That is why I am talking to you. I read your site every day and I want to set the record straight.”

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  1. Great Article Mr. Russon! Awesome! So nice to read an Article about the Black-Hawks from some one who knows how to rite a story!

  2. I think that DB might be playing you RR but if he is I am sure that in the end his ass will be grass lol.

  3. RR: be careful of “Baby Face Beauchamp” as his assosiat’s are men such as
    “Scout Marcel” (you no who I mean) and the Publisher of “”.
    Be Careful RR Be Careful! IMHO

  4. I commend Dave Beauchamp for doing this interview with you Randy. Perhaps Cassio and KL Flash are correct in suggesting that second chances should be given. The point that I would like to make is that you can tell a lot about a person based on the company they keep and I agree 100% with Northshore , that some of those folks that surround Beauchamp, do not help his tarnished reputation. Many players have put their trust in Beauchamp and his team and I sincerly hope that for the player’s sake, that the ride is much smoother this season.

  5. Sure there are issues regarding Mr. Beauchamp and what happened in North Bay last year . It sounds like he’s trying to do the right thing and take care of his bills and such . Give him a chance to learn the ropes and I’m sure he’ll be fine as he gets it all figured out . Meanwhile remember people make mistakes , to quote Tom McCarthy “We all fall down, it’s how we get up that counts. You can fall and stay down or you can find the energy to get back up. I always found out the hard way, but eventually I found out.” . Great quote from a man I’ve met , chatted with and admire for how he’s handled adversity in his life .

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