Hostile takeover in Mattawa?

October 23, 2014

Multiple sources have confirmed that the Northern Ontario Jr. Hockey League has forcibly removed David Beauchamp as owner of the Mattawa Blackhawks.

The same sources are saying that NOJHL commissioner Rob Mazzuca has new owners set to take over the first-year Mattawa franchise.

Through an adviser, Beauchamp has confirmed that the NOJHL has taken the Mattawa franchise from him as per alleged infractions pertaining to the league’s constitution.

Beauchamp said the hostile takeover of his franchise has to do with outstanding league fees and that he is presently seeking legal advice.

Mazzuca has yet to respond to a request from seeking comment on the Mattawa situation.

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  1. Teams must adhere to leaugue rules and regulations and the league, Mazzuca and the board of directors, must enforce these rules. They give second and third and fourth chances but the owners really rule the nest with a powerless board of directors and a lame duck commissioner with little to no power. Fees must be paid, rules must be followed, or it becomes a free for all with owners doing what they want without fear. We don’t know both sides of this story but we have to believe that this is not what the board of directors wanted. It’s bad publicity and looks bad on the league. There are too many corrupt owners looking only at their bottom line and not what’s good for the players or the league. Lawsuits all over the place, bickering, corruption. I guess it’s not just the no, but most junior leagues as well. Too bad because attendance is healthy everywhere but BR, the Soo and Sudbury and the town of Mattawa really seemed to have taken to this team.

    1. Mazzuca has hidden so much from Hockey Canada and is even more to blame for this than anyone IN MY OPINION. Also I wonder if all dirty laundry will come out or if Uncle Joe will have things hidden to protect his nephew. Oh boy this is going to be a mess and a black eye on the league.

  2. This league at times drives me up the wall so hard to tell from week whats going on sometimes, so unfortunate. I hope the team stays put and everything works out in the end !

  3. Hey Randy how quickly the snake turns in his own Mazzuca has been protecting this guy since the start,so Robert is just as much to blame as anyone else.

  4. With Mr. Beauchamp’s statement and no official word from the Commish for the league side of the story, it sure sounds a little shady… Withholding player registrations which prevents Mattawa collecting player fees? Accepting a good faith payment (date not specified and total amount owing of course not known)? And 8 of the 9 games to open the season on the road, I don’t know why but that is a huge expense and no opportunity to collect gate money… Was this a set up for failure? This may be an ugly can of worms. Happy that we have quality Jr. hockey here in Espanola apart from the NOJ…

    1. Not sure which games you were watching but the ones I seen looked like a bunch of AA players running around trying to take each others heads off! NO SKILL,NO RESPECT!

  5. the reason for the early road games was only due to no ice in mattawa until the end of September. plant is too small. that would have been the same for anyone

  6. Would anyone else had the rug pulled out from under them so suddenly, the league knowing long before the season started then that major revenue streams would not be kicking in until late October? And that the team would face an unusually high travel bill for het month of September? Anyway, often alleged that Mr. Beauchamp has had his issues, but sounds like it didn’t have to go down like this… Would things have turned around, league fees get paid, how can we know?…

  7. I’m guessing Mazzuca steps down from this gong show before Christmas. From what I was told yesterday, the league is basically run by a few owners who do what they want and don’t listen or don’t care what Mazzuca or the board has to say and that they are all fed up with the bullshit. It’s all bottom line and Beauchamp wasn’t helping the bottom line. It seems that the 3 teams from last year that are no more left with hefty monies owed. One just got kicked out, one is being taken to court and one is still in the league. Its easy to blame Mazzuca (he surely seems like a lame duck commisioner right now) but there are two sides to all stories… and too many of these stories allegedly involve cheap and corrupt and incompetent owners.

  8. To Whom it May Concern

    On October 23rd, 2014, after paying my Town Ice Invoice mid-morning in advance of the due date and than at 1:12pm, I was informed by commissioner Robert Mazzuca of the NOJHL that my membership had been revoked and a new franchise was awarded to “no named” owners.

    After months of planning and preparation of bringing Junior A Hockey to this vibrant community I was stunned and had a lot of questions, I explained my displeasure to Robert but he said it was out of his hands.

    Now what is even more odd is that I have a lease agreement in good standing with the town of Mattawa, of which I will be dealing with in litigation as they have never once explained the termination of to date, and we are fully paid up on our ice, in fact, as of today’s date, I am ahead in terms of ice payments. Robert has been speaking with Town representatives for more than 2 months now and this move I believe has been pre-meditated by our Commissioner and the Town of Mattawa representatives.

    This is clearly a commissioner with his own agenda. I am also concerned about his personal relationship with Hockey Canada Junior Chair, Mr. Joe Drago. It seems his family ties with his Uncle Drago allow Robert special treatment, where Robert often operates outside the norm of day to day rules and junior hockey, often making them up as only Robert sees fit..

    Further more I have been told that Commissioner Mazucca introduced Al Donnan, a current Executive Member of the outlawed GMHL and owner of 3 playing current GMHL teams, as the new majority share holder of MY TEAM to our currently registered players mid-afternoon today, Thursday, October 23, 2014.

    How is Robert allowed to bring in an owner who owns teams in an unsanctioned hockey league that currently owns and operates 3 teams in the outlawed GMHL ? How is that allowed by the NOHA and Hockey Canada ?

    I will be seeking independent legal advice with regard to my current contract and signed none disclosure agreement with the Town of Mattawa. It is also my hope that Hockey Canada and the NOHA take action in this important matter!

    I have lost everything thanks to the NOJHL and Robert Mazzuca.


    David Beauchamp

  9. Hey Dave: Sorry to hear the news. This is a tough business with some ‘interesting’ characters. Take a short break to evaluate the future options. I know you will fight the good fight! Good luck sir.

  10. Almost three years later, Mattawa is still without a junior hockey team. The Blackhawks were well-supported by the community and then-owner Al Donnan decided to screw the people over. He then did the same to Iroquois Falls after two seasons, despite a steady 5-year deal.

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