Iroquois Falls rumour mill

February 7, 2017

The paper mill may be closed in Iroquois Falls but the rumour mill is still producing its share of tabloid copy.

Now in their second year of ownership under Toronto-based operator Allan Donnan, the Iroquois Falls Eskis are again among the attendance leaders and on-ice bottom feeders in the 12-team Northern Ontario Jr. Hockey League.

Meantime, credible sources are saying that Donnan will sell the franchise — albeit at an escalated price for what he paid for it two summers ago — while others are quoting second-hand information which indicates financial numbers between buy-sell factions have yet to be exchanged.

Donnan himself is on standing record with that anyone who has serious interest in taking over ownership of the Eskis needs only to reach out to him and make an offer.

While Donnan has been called arrogant, two-faced and difficult-to-deal-with by some who have a direct or indirect association to the NOJHL, it should be noted that, drama aside, he finalized the sale of the French River Rapids to Jessy Landry during the last off-season after operating that franchise for one year.

To be sure, the Eskis have been one of the best-supported franchises in the NOJHL for about 20 years now. Residents in the northeastern Ontario town have shown time and time again that they will support the Eskis through thick and thin.

As to the rumours that are making the rounds of the old paper town, they are multiple in number and ranging in degree of substance.

But I have been in the sports media business since 1975 and while some may scoff at rumours, experience has taught me that where there is a rumour there are usually facts that are close by.

It’s but a matter of the facts eventually emerging from the wood pile.

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  1. Al Donnan got a franchise for next to nothing two years ago and now is asking $100k? Get out of Hockey Canada and go run with your buddies in the outlaw league.

  2. laughable when you say next to nothing , do you know what the cost is for a new franchise in the nojhl? Shame on Al Donnan for trying to turn a profit. Should not be allowed in today’s day and age. lol

  3. The GMHL has lost 5 teams during the season, and another 8 before the season started. The GMHL isn’t real hockey IN MY OPINION. Al Donnan won’t have the GMHL to go back to because it will be gone soon. I’d pay $100k for a junior hockey team, and even make a fortune.

  4. THIS IS WHAT I THINK: Al Donnon got the Mattawa Blackhawks franchise for $0.00 dollars, borrowed $50k from the Town of Mattawa to pusrchase Noelville from the NOJHL, then left Mattawa hanging with no team and ran to Irqouis Falls its quite a famous story around here.

    1. i believe that Mr Donnan also managed to get $50,000.00 from the Municipality of French River in 2015 and sold the team in 2016.

  5. Many are saying he wants to sell or move the franchise to Hearst! That would be a slap in the face for Iroqouis Falls. That being said, good for him to flip the team for a profit. If he has a buyer that will pay, that’s great, just don’t move the team please!!!

  6. I hope that Mr. Donnan sells the Eskimos.
    He helped keep the team here but he clearly has no ties to the Community.

  7. After many yrs of good fan support & stepping up to their relentless demands the former Abitibi Eskimos picked up & left for greener pastures (Timmins), well that left us with a sour taste & a good kick in the mouth.
    We were happy to see Donnan come in & keep the Eskimos alive but after 2 yrs it’s easy to see that Donnan is a business man not a hockey guy.
    So I do hope he sells the team to good hockey people. Yes a good business plan is important if you want to stay alive in this league but we all know your on ice product is your big seller. And yes we all know to have a good product you need a good program . If you’re able to develop & promote the players , you have a solid base for a good hockey program.
    We have the best venue in N-Ont. for Junior hockey , so if Donnan is serious , leave it in the hands of serious hockey people.

  8. Haha everyone based all these opinions on rumours not FACTs.
    Two years ago when the old team left everyone was crying that we were loosing Jr. Hockey in Iroquois Falls and now everyone is bitching about it!’
    It is a business and he has every right to run it as one, Everyone in iroquous falls was used to the last team the one that went in the hole with he town of IF because it wasn’t ran as a buisness. So if he wants to sell it he can put his Buisness up for whatever price he may want to. Instead of Bitching about it on here maybe come out and support the team , cause we all know the people that are complaining are the ones that do not come out to the games!!

  9. The above posts are not the view everyone in the community, most are just grateful that he’s brought us back the game before it even left and we’re happy to still bewatching jr hockey. It’s been a tough year, but they been in a lot games, better than last season and lots to be optimistic about for next year including a number of key players eligible to return. Off ice crew will have a full year experience too and I think things will only get smoother.

    Im happy Allan is here but if he wants to sell let’s hope he gives some price consideration for a local buyer, the community has supported him the past 2 years. Attendance records show we’re coming out despite. I hope we all continue to do so

  10. All I can say is, come and support our ESKIS fill those seats at the Igloo and keep NOJHL hockey here in Iroquois Falls.

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