KL is 2016 DHC host

April 26, 2015

As the Superior International Jr. Hockey League is playing host to the 2015 Dudley-Hewitt Cup, Central Canada Championships — they begin on Tuesday in Fort Frances — the Northern Ontario Jr. Hockey League will be home to the event in 2016.

Sudbury Nickel Barons, recently re-named the Rayside-Balfour Canadiens, were originally slated to play host to the 2016 DHC playdowns but have since opted out as the NOJHL host entry.

Instead, Kirkland Lake will play host to the 2016 DHC and the Gold Miners will gain automatic entry as the home team.

The 2016 DHC will be held April 26-30 at the Joe Mavrinac Community Complex in KL.

NOJHL commissioner Robert Mazzuca noted that the Gold Miners have already started the planning process for next season.

“Planning is already well underway by the Gold Miners executive and their organizing committee and we look forward to working with them, the community, their corporate partners, the fans and citizens of Kirkland Lake in what is sure to be a tremendous event,” said Mazzuca.

Every year, the DHC rotates the host site between the NOJHL, the SIJHL and the Ontario Jr. Hockey League.

Whichever league plays host to the DHC is allowed two entries — the host and either the playoff champions or playoff finalists — making the annual tournament a four-team event.

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  1. Should be an exciting year in the NOJ. KL will definitely be loading up, Cochrane, Timmins will likely field solid squads and the Soo will contend as always. Looking forward to the start of the season already.

  2. In my opinion it is Cheap, cheap, cheap owners like always in Sudbury. As host, they would have had to make sure they had a competitive team, which costs money to acquire and keep players and actually have more than one practice a week and a real coaching staff. Cheap, cheap, cheap… no wonder there are so many players who ask out of Sudbury after every season. Will there be an exodus this summer like they had last summer? Ask the young Brunet kid why he left.

  3. I’ll bite Mrs. Paddy, why did Sudbury again lose the Dudley cup? Why did the owners renege on their commitment once again?

  4. Its a shame a city our size is unwilling to host an event of this magnitude, as I have been to other centres like thunder bay and north bay and even the Soo. The Games were not sold out so I get it. but in thunder bay the home side had over a 1000’s fans each home game in north bay the home side brought in 850 900 plus for the home team not bad considering they were on the verge of becoming an OHL city again. Lastly even in the 2010 when I made it up for the finals in the Soo and it was Fort William vs Oakville as the Soo had been eliminated already, but the announced attendance was over 900 fans ! So these bigger city’s put on good show for the fans locals and the ones like myself and father who traveled to these places to watch junior A hockey. Anyway Good Luck To KL cant wait to see your town in 2016 for the first time ever for me and the Barn Gold Miners and their fans call home ! enjoy it guys ! just Shameful on this city I live in Shameful I Say !

  5. Barons fan, why do you blame it on the city? Maybe there would have been 900 fans… who knows? It’s impossible to tell since, again, the owners reneged. It wasn’t the city. The city had nothing to do with it. The are called Sudbury but they played out of Copper Cliff and now they’ve move to Chelmsford. Maybe Chemmy would have supported the Dudley. We’ll never know as there’s not way the Sudbury region will ever get that chance again because two owners have now reneged and other NOJHL teams have had to pick up the pieces. Do you think Mazzuca and the other teams are impressed? Maybe Mrs. Paddy is but that’s about it.

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