Lower the boom in Blind River

April 4, 2015

What is next for the Blind River Beavers?

Will they remain a part of the Northern Ontario Jr. Hockey League?

Does the NOJHL even want anything to do with the Beavers as they currently exist?

To be sure, it is a sad state of junior hockey affairs in Blind River where the once-proud Beavers were a shambles on and off the ice during the 2014-2015 season.

For starters, the Beavers failed to win a game with a record of 0-55-1, regular season and playoffs included.

Warren Lavoy was let go as general manager early and head coach Don Gagnon and goalie coach Frank Arcangeletti departed midway through the campaign.

In came Angelo Gallo as the supposed saviour of team president Bob Haworth. But Gallo didn’t make it to the end of the season as NOJHL commissioner Robert Mazzuca suspended the Beavers coach for the duration of the campaign for allegedly bullying his players.

Attendance took a tumble as well with many games that drew fewer than 100 spectators to the cold-but-comfortable confines of the Blind River Community Centre.

In retrospect, it would seem that Haworth is in over his head as Beavers president. And Mazzuca, as NOJHL commissioner, is “concerned” — to use a nice word — with the state of the Blind River franchise.

Whether the Beavers remain a part of the NOJHL in 2015-2016 or look at joining the fledgling Canadian International Hockey League — should it move forward into next season — it seems logical that any house-cleaning should start with the team president.

The NOJHL can work in small-market Blind River.

It has worked before and with the right people involved as board members and in hockey management, I don’t see why it can’t work again.

But I don’t think status quo can be maintained.

From an NOJHL standpoint, I don’t think Mazzuca would allow that.

And from a possible CIHL standpoint, I think league president Tim Clayden would need to bring his broom with him to Blind River.

What you think about “Lower the boom in Blind River”

  1. ..Hayworth needs to resign. Under his watch the Beavers have become a joke .. and not only in the Noj but all across Canada.

  2. As a long-time fan of the League it make’s me sad as to how bad things have come regarding the Blind River Beavers.
    To say that change’s must be made is the under-statemint of the year.

    1. I’m sorry, but you are sadly misinformed. The Beavers did not fire Rusty Joncas. He quit on air with Randy Russon before saying a word to the Board. Get your facts straight before offering an opinion.

      1. Go back and reed what I said and I never said Rusty got fired I said that he QUIT & just so you know I am a fan of Rusty!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Rusti did good enuf to be the GM of the year. This all goes beyond this is about the Board always sticking there noses in to the Hockey Operations. To many old Hens in the Barn and a Cock in charge.

  4. Biggest misteak was not hiring Cain to be the GM. RR even said Cain wanted the job but the Board did not want to hire him And now look at what he has done for the Soo.

  5. Bob and Angelo need to be run out of town. And the board cleared. Proper amount of volunteers and coaching staff are needed. Board to realize they stay out of the dressing room and hockey operations and stick to running the organization and leave the team to a proper LOCAL coaching staff. A GM position isn’t for a “good enough” person. Team needs major help. Program can easily work in Blind River with a lot of hard work. But right now with the board they have in place.. It’s dead in the water.

  6. So sad to see. Blind River always managed to put a competitive team on the ice. I would like to see them stay in the NOJHL but with proper president, someone with Money who can invest in bringing order and attraction to the organization.

    Why not bring that kid that Randy loves back on the ship in a management role of sorts, Dave Mccaig or something?
    What about bringing Todd Stencil to management, bring back some of the old blood that was spilled here in BR , maybe proper coordination and ideas can be brought forward to get this once beloved team back to its old form.

  7. The issues of this seasons Beavers started long before this season. Lavoy , Gagnon and Haworth all have a big hand in what was a complete failure of a season. Gallo, he came in to what was the Titanic after it hit the iceberg and was already taking in water and half submerged. There was no chance in saving this team or season. As far as bullying his players, I don’t know, but the Beavers were at least competitive in the games he was behind their bench.
    Essentially the Beavers need to start completely over akin to an expansion team for this upcoming 2015-16 season – New GM, new coach, new hockey ops, and probably a new board if they wish to turn it around.

  8. Beaver1, Enough in BR, YO YO MA, and the rest of you complainers who
    do not sign your names.
    There are lots of should haves or could haves out there, the past is the past,
    let it go.

    AGM/ELECTIONS will be held on April 21st, 7:30 in the multi-purpose room
    at the BR arena. General meeting will follow the AGM.
    Advertising is out for a GM, Coach and all ice personal, also
    for all positions on the board of directors.
    This is your chance to come out and help the BEAVERS and stop criticizing
    about those who have at least been trying to keep this team going.
    Would be nice to see as many of you as possible at this meeting.
    Please come out and help or just show your support for the TEAM.
    Volunteers are the backbone to any organization.

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