Matt Caruso lights up Blind River

March 18, 2015

Soo Thunderbirds completed a one-sided playoff sweep of the Blind River Beavers on Tuesday and rookie forward Matt Caruso continued to light the lamp.

Caruso netted his third straight hat trick as the visiting Thunderbirds blanked the Beavers 9-0 to take the first-round, best-of-seven, Northern Ontario Jr. Hockey League series in four straight games.

All together, Caruso had 11 goals, 2 assists, 13 points in the four games.

For the series, the Thunderbirds out-scored Blind River 41-1 in winning by scores of 11-0, 10-1, 11-0 and 9-0.

PHOTO: 1997 birth-year forward Matt Caruso of the Soo Thunderbirds, in first-round NOJHL playoff action against the Blind River Beavers. (Photo by Ali Pearson.)

What you think about “Matt Caruso lights up Blind River”

  1. Come on – you’re really going to dish our kudos to a player stomping all over a depleted, woefully inferior, and dejected line-up like Blind River’s? No offense to a fine player like Caruso, but that series should never have happened. The Soo team and coaching staff are far too classy to pile on a team in that position. They clearly weren’t playing their best on the PP. If anything, your article should be crediting the poor remaining Blind River players and Coach for not quitting on their teammates. Now that took character!

    1. Cpt Obvious,

      If there is no offense to Caruso on your part then why did you bother to post this? Nothing better to do?

  2. Missed my point. Caruso is a superb player and Soo are a model franchise for terrific coaching, team play and locally developed players. I love watching them! My point is we shouldn’t be celebrating individual stats in the face of a ridiculously one-sided series. I feel for Blind River players, and think they should be applauded for seeing it through to the bitter end. Few would have.

    1. Missed your point? Really? Oh well.

      My point is I will choose to celebrate what I choose to celebrate, in written form.

  3. Okay then. Sorry for expressing a different point of view. Best wishes to Soo on getting revenge on Kirkland Lake (assuming they meet in the final of course). They’re a model franchise for Junior A and a class act all the way. And I do enjoy your Northern League commentary.

    1. Nothing to be sorry about. You responded to my views and I responded to yours. Thanks for sharing your views and thanks for visiting the site.

  4. I’ve commented on this before and it is what it is – a very good team playing a team that went winless. Randy, it’s your column and have every right to celebrate what you choose to celebrate. It’s a young player getting more playing opportunity then he would lets say – in a tougher series , so good for him and his development. Not a huge deal putting up massive amounts of points against B.R. IMHO. Now, what I will choose to celebrate is Powassan being up 2-1, lets hope this continues vs the Miners or as I prefer….Whiners.

  5. The young men that stuck it out with Blind River this season deserve some huge credit for not quitting and showing up to battle every night despite knowing what the result was going to be. Great Work guys, keep your heads up and hopefully something can be done to turn around this once respectable NOJHL Organization for the great hockey town of Blind River.

  6. Definately some kudos go out to those players. I’d be proud to stand infront of the mirror and know that I did not quit through that kind of adversity. My hat goes off to all of them.

  7. Powassan have the Goldminers on the ropes now. Let’s see if they can finish them off. Tough night for a veteran D pairing in Abitibi, and the big line couldn’t get it done.

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