Mazzuca and me

March 3, 2015

There is a misconception out there that Northern Ontario Jr. Hockey League commissioner Robert Mazzuca and I are not on speaking terms.

In actuality, Mazzuca and I talked on the phone for more than an hour yesterday.

As a matter-of-fact, Mazzuca and I communicate with one another rather frequently these days.

We did go months without talking, beginning about a year ago after I sided with Tim Clayden when the Espanola Rivermen owner was suspended indefinitely by Mazzuca for comments the now-president of the Canadian International Hockey League made about the NOJHL on

Have Mazzuca and I buried the hatchet?

Well, we did talk for more than an hour yesterday.

We talked about the situation in Blind River, where the Beavers have been an on-ice disaster.

We talked about ousted Mattawa Blackhawks owner David Beauchamp.

We talked about rumours that the Sturgeon Falls Lumberjacks are leaving the Greater Metro Hockey League for the NOJHL.

We talked about leagues that are not sanctioned by Hockey Canada, specifically the CIHL and the GMHL.

We even talked about the days — many years ago now — when Mazzuca was a high-scoring, hard-hitting, free-spirited, star defenceman with the Sudbury Wolves of the Ontario Hockey League.

Want to know what we talked about that would really make heads spin in the junior hockey world?

Sorry folks, that was off the record.

At any rate, Mazzuca and I are clearly on speaking terms.

Does he like everything that I write? No.

Do I like everything that he says and does? No.

Would I go out for supper with him? Yes.

As long as he’s buying.

What you think about “Mazzuca and me”

  1. Judging from the adjectives you’ve used to describe Mazzuca since you’ve sided with Clayden, it must have been an interesting conversation! Two strong characters with opposing views butting heads! It would be great to read Mazzuca’s take on this conversation. 🙂

      1. Nah, I doubt that he’s tell a stranger on the phone what he thinks of you. Maybe, but I doubt he would.

  2. Randy – you had mentions that there would be an update coming regarding the Abitibi move to Timmins. Anything you can Share?

  3. Randy, I know this has nothing to do with article, but can you explain to me the reasoning behind the CIHL name change to the CIHL Hockey Academy. I have heard a number of possible reasons, but no one I have talked to seems 100% sure. Is there something positive that comes with this name change, or is it just a change for change sake? Any information you can provide will be much appreciated.

    1. espofan,

      Name change has to do with education and training towards college level hockey. I believe the CIHL is coming out with an official dossier on the academy portion of the name as it restructures for next season.

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