Multiple signings for Blind River

August 25, 2014

Blind River Beavers of the Northern Ontario Jr. Hockey League have signed nine players from their weekend tryout camp, head coach Don Gagnon confirmed to

Among those who have signed with the Beavers are three returnees and six newcomers.

Seasoned skaters who Gagnon has inked for another season in Blind River are forwards Jacob Boisvenue, Leo Lightning and Matt Neault.

New to the Beavers from the weekend camp are forwards Dylan Farmer, Cole Gilligan, Nathan Hons and Alex Kidd and goaltenders Nick Kazmierczak and Zach Mills.

PHOTO: Jacob Boisvenue, figuring in on a goal for the Blind River Beavers during the 2013-2014 NOJHL season. (Photo by Elliot Lake Standard.)

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  1. Glad to see some returners to the Beavers after so many left to play in the New League – Marshall, Cooke, Tercroce.

  2. I find very odd that the NOJHL season starts on Sept 3. We all know that this is a ploy to get a jump on the CIHL. The thing I find disturbing about it is that it seems the league does not care about the kids that are going to school as the high school students from out of town don’t have time to get adjusted to a new school etc. Come on Robert your ego can’t need to be fed that much you would jeopardize the education of these kids. I think this could back fire on you.

  3. Todd: Don’t let the facts get in the way. It’s August, we have to watch some hockey until the CIHL starts in October. LOL.

  4. Let’s hope that we have lots to chear for in Blind. It been no fun for the last 4 – 5 yrs & we want better than 8 W a yr.

  5. So Todd you are saying that they have never let the players adjust to new surroundings hmmm
    very interesting point sir.

  6. Gee and I thought the CIHL was starting in October because they wanted to get the cuts from the Hockey Canada and Hockey USA sanctioned leagues and tie them up until the end of the season because as we all know if you play a game after October 1st you can’y return to a Hockey Canada sanctioned league until after this season ends . My bad .

  7. The CIHL will fold at the end of this season – or next IN MY OPINION.
    Not too sure where we are getting all the players from for these “Jr” teams. Hopefully someone will do a graphic on teams in the NOJHL and CIHL outlining this. Abitibi better get on the horn to get some players up to Eskiland, but typically the roster does not come together until October.

    1. There are players out there my boy Espanola
      even had one from the USHL players should be
      given a choice where they want to play. This
      crap of calling players that is coming from NOJHL
      teams and leaders is and bashing the CIHL is
      childish and seems to be out if fear. It has actually
      worked in the new leagues favour a few times.
      Wait until the NOJHL’s teams money dries up
      with the empty promises them we will see what’s
      going on IMHO of course.

  8. Congradulations to the Beavers on signing these players
    Looks like the team is really shaping up
    Can’t wait for the season to start

  9. several signings going on. the N.O. should look towards the cross river sault high blue devils hockey team. the soo eagles signed two players as tenders in Will Gauthier and Chase Gamelin. Both players also committed to play at Lake Superior State in the future. Gauthier committed before his senior year of high school and Gamelin just recently committed. Also T-Bird, Eric Hillock played their 2 seasons.
    worth a look it my opinion.

  10. Mason, all the Canadian JR A leagues, have always started at this time. As you very well know. Playing dumb is getting old. Don’t let your hatred for the NOJHL get in the way actually posting comments that are truthful and valid.
    There is a CIHL tab at the top of the page, feel free to read and post there amongst your supporters. The only bashing I have seen any where, is from YOU.

  11. Plus yes they have which is a flaw in the system
    for sure. I would prefer the kids have more time
    getting accustomed to their life especially
    when things like a new school are happening
    to them.

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