New coach for Blind River Beavers

April 12, 2016

Kyle Brick will be leaving his position as an assistant coach with the Soo Thunderbirds of the Northern Ontario Jr. Hockey League to become head coach of the West Division rival Blind River Beavers.

As the Beavers new bench boss, Brick replaces Brad Barton, who was let go after one season in which Blind River missed the playoffs and finished in 11th place overall in the 12-team NOJHL.

Barton was also general manager of the Beavers. The Beavers are expected to name a new GM shortly.

Originally hailing from the nearby town of Thessalon — which is about halfway between Sault Ste. Marie and Blind River along Highway 17 — Brick will be entrusted with turning around the on-ice fortunes of the Beavers, who have had five straight losing seasons.

Brick is currently one of three assistant coaches with the reigning NOJHL champion Thunderbirds.

Prior to joining the Thunderbirds, Brick coached high school hockey in Sault Ste. Marie with the St. Mary’s Knights.

What you think about “New coach for Blind River Beavers”

  1. “Bricker” will do a good job for Blind River .. .. no body will out work him .. .. good solid coach imho.

  2. I was hoping for a Coach with more experience than this but it’s better than getting a re-cycled coach like Mister Know It All who was here before.

  3. Everyone deserves the chance to prove himself and it should be no different for Coach Brick. Good luck Kyle, Blind River is a great hockey town.

  4. Charlie and Chad are giving Mr Brick the thumbs up.
    These two are very knowledgeable in this field and I have always valued their opinions.
    Great move by the Beavers to pick up Mr Brick.
    Welcome to Blind River and good luck.

  5. Lets face it folks blind river’s problems have not been coaching . With the rosters they put on the ice the last few years, Craig Hartsburgh could not have done better. There was some talent and the team played hard but hard to compete with those rosters. So the people of blind river have to ask themselves why is elliot lake able to field a competitive team and blind river has not . The job for blind river trying to assemble a competitive team for next year should have already started. Kyle Brick is one piece of the puzzle , now give him something to work with. Good luck to you bricker

  6. I find the timing of this announcement is not very good for two reasons:

    1. A GM should always be hired first so that they can have input on the selection;

    2. With coach Brick still working for the Soo T-Birds, could the announcement have waited until his season was over?

  7. I luv it when “RR” covers the Beavers. UR the best RR. Thanks to you for all the article’s.

  8. That is where good scouting comes in, you need players that can play, you have to go out and work and look for players because they will not come to you.

  9. To Freddie first off I think your idiot to say what you said…. at least Bricker stepped up to the plate accepted the challenge more than I could say for you… He could of stayed where he was but he chose to take on the challenge….

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