NOJHL game in Blind River PPD

February 21, 2015

Tonight’s scheduled Northern Ontario Jr. Hockey League game between the host Blind River Beavers and the visiting Sudbury Nickel Barons has been postponed.

In a press release, the NOJHL said the postponement is due to a broken main water pipe in the Town of Blind River, likely caused because of the recent frigid temperatures.

The game has tentatively been rescheduled for Sunday afternoon at 4 p.m. in Blind River.

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  1. I wonder if the water main will stop teams and traffic going up and down the highway today, where is the broken water main located ?

  2. Maybe tomorrow’s game can be the area’s first OUTDOOR GAME on the frozen ice from the busted water main lol

  3. the NOJHL is adding its 10th team in 2015-2016 in Noelville…Blind River and Mattawa are playing Mattawas last home game of the year in Noelville on February 28th 2015

  4. The water problem won’t stop the hwy traffic.
    There is a traffic accident near Espanola and the hwy is closed now, don’t know for how long.

  5. TOUGHTIMES – Where do you get your facts?!?!? The reason the game is in Noelville is because of an ANNUAL men’s league tournament that has that ice slot SHARPIED in for as long as I can remember.

  6. Cochrane Crunch Cody Gratton getting a 6 game suspension could mean the team not making 2nd place in their division.

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