NOJHL highs and lows

September 23, 2014

To be sure, there has been much to cheer about through the early going of the 2014-2015 Northern Ontario Jr. Hockey League regular season.

For example, in Sudbury, the new-look Nickel Barons have the best record in the nine-team NOJHL at 6-1-0 while in Elliot Lake, the expansion Wildcats are off to a 3-1-0 start and have averaged 578 fans at their three home games.

But on the flip side, the Mattawa Blackhawks and Blind River Beavers are both off to disastrous starts.

In Mattawa, the Blackhawks have lost seven straight games to start the season and have been out-scored 54-18.

In Blind River, the Beavers have lost four straight games to start the season and have been out-scored 36-7.

While it should be pointed out that Mattawa has yet to play at home this season, the fact is this is a team with eight 20-year olds and eight 19-year olds on its roster that has lost games by overwhelming scores of 10-0, 8-2 and 13-4.

As for Blind River, the Beavers might even be worse than the Blackhawks. In its four losses thus far, Blind River has been defeated by resounding scores of 12-1, 6-3, 8-1 and 10-2.

Yes, it is early in the season.

But it is clear that all is not well in Mattawa and Blind River — and already there is league-wide chatter and concern about the immediate future of both teams.

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  1. Its sad to say but things are not looking good for the Beavers. We have barley enough players for a full roster and there were only a couple of hundred Fans at our Home Opener. Losing by these scores is like it was 12 years ago and even then we were getting 350 – 400 Fans at evrey game.

  2. This needs to get turned around in a hurry as we fans were told the Blackhawks will have a good Team this seasen and that the Nojhl is the League of choice. This is not looking good Mr. Beauchamps!

  3. On the bright side as you mention RR its all good with the Nickel Barons & Elliot Lake .. also Kirkland Lake looking good again.

  4. Good to see some different teams fightnig for the top spot. Hey Bobby you are learning the hard way that from what I have been told, no one wants their kids playing for Beauchamp. His alleged track record of allegedly screwing kids and their parents over is extensive even in the short time he has been around, from what I have been told.

  5. Mattawa had their first practice of the year yesterday, in Mattawa, have had to travel to practice to this point. Hopefully that and a few changes in the line up can work in their favour. No one expects them to win it all, just to play hard and compete.

  6. motleyrulez … let us hope so that the changes are helpfull to winning games and to be respect-able as 0 and 7 with all the Goals Against is not good at all. I will be at the home games and I hope this all works out.

    Mason Dixon … I see that you are not a fan of the Owner. Let us hope that Mr. Beauchamps is not feeding the fans of Mattawa a line of Bull Shit. Many of us have put our trust into supporting the the Owner as well as the Nojhl and the Blackhawks.

  7. Lets Hope For The Leagues Sake That The Hawks And Beavers Stick Around, And In Turn Become A Little More Competitive, Ive seen both clubs once this season and they were both fun games to watch vs the Barons as they both put up a good fight those nights. Good Luck To Both Teams !

  8. Bobby- Thanks for the V’s Mattawa. The people of Almaguin are loving watching a strong GMHL team. Is the N.O a better league than the G? Maybe, but I’d rather have a GMHL team that competes than an NOJHL team getting smoked night in night out.

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