NOJHL is full of talk

April 30, 2014

It depends who is doing the talking.

It depends who is worthy of belief.

There are those who are saying the Northern Ontario Jr. Hockey League — which has operated with eight teams for the past three seasons — could have as many as nine or 10 members come the 2014-2015 campaign.

There are those who are saying the NOJHL will maintain status quo as an eight-team league, that the Espanola Rivermen — who are headed to the new Canadian International Hockey League — will be replaced by an expansion team in Elliot Lake or North Bay or somewhere nearby.

There are those who are saying the departure of Espanola will reduce the NOJHL from eight teams to seven and that no other new entries will be forthcoming.

And there are even those who are saying the 2014-2015 season will spell the end of the NOJHL.

What do I think?

I think there are those in high places within the NOJHL who talk out of both sides of their mouths.

I think there are those in high places within the NOJHL who need to focus on the teams and players instead of their own personal agendas.

Like it or not, that is what I think.

I have faith and trust in certain individuals within certain NOJHL teams.

But I have lost faith and trust in the leadership and direction of the NOJHL.

As long as the NOJHL has a presence within my hometown area, I will continue to cover it to the best of my abilities.

But my pro bono work for the NOJHL itself is no more.

What you think about “NOJHL is full of talk”

  1. Well stated and direct to the Point RR! The NOJHL is going the Wrong way imho. sad to see and sad to say.

  2. Time is the only one who can give us a truthful answer on this one RR and it will come this fall when the chips fall and the players hit the ice.

    It is true what you said, depending who you ask, the league could be non existant next year, to a 5 team league and as high as 10 teams. I am a fan of the league, but like yourself RR, I believe the leadership and direction is becoming self destructing and suffering from the loss of vision of the big picture, the kids, the fans and the game itself, IMO of course.

    I appreciate your candid remarks and reporting, you are truly the best at what you do, keep up the good work!

  3. I agree with you 100% R.R. the” powers at be” for this league need to check there ego,s at the door, or take there ego,s and close the door behind them. The league has been around for a long time. It would be sad to see it fail and lose the ones who do care and doing there best to keep it alive. once again, thanks for all your reporting R.R. us fans appreciate it, cheers

  4. Speaking of the Dudley Hewitt Cup…..the Gold Miners played a great game yesterday and should be able to advance pas the round robin.

  5. With Elliot Lake deciding not to join NOJHL, how does that effect the remaining western teams? I see their travel expenses going up AGAIN, with no teams to bridge the gap between the east and the west that EL and Espo served. Could it even be possible for the two western teams to even compete and remain financially responsible in the NOJHL? Sounds like financial suicide to me!

  6. I doubt this will be posted, but…
    Randy why would we believe you when you have been appointed Director of Media Relations for this CIHL?

    1. Vistol,

      I have nothing to hide in accepting an offer to help out the CIHL in a VOLUNTEER capacity. If I did, I would not lend my name to the public position, now would I?

      Not sure if you have ever volunteered before, Vistol. If not, good volunteers are always in demand.

      I have been a volunteer basketball coach in the city where I live for 20 years. I also write a blog about the NOJHL for as a volunteer.

      In short, I enjoy volunteering my time, when asked.

  7. RR I think Vistol should worry about his own league which is taking a huge nosedive in front of our eyes, as we speak. If they spent as much time on their own league, as they do trying to discredit others, no one would be questioning whether they will even exist next year! Here’s to hoping the NOJHL can put 6 teams together next year, isn’t that how many is required to compete in the Dud and RBC cups? Good luck with that Vistol you are going to need it!

  8. I agree that there are issues with the NOJ moving forward , but then every junior league has issues these days . If the fans and sponsors don’t support what they have then they’ll get what they deserve , nothing . Randy gives fair coverage and when it’s his opinion he makes sure you know it . Take his opinion for what it is and form your own thoughts on the matter . In the end September will give junior hockey fans whatever it has to give . Enjoy what you end up with next year and support it or else you’ll be looking elsewhere soon enough .

  9. FYI, This is what I have been told re: North Bay/Mattawa:

    Here is the deal in Mattawa, in order to protect new franchise from Trappers $100 k debt incurred last season and David Beauchamp’s franchise default payment that is before the courts, the Nojhl has put 49% of the team ownership in Beauchamp’s dad’s name and 51% of the Mattawa Blackhawks ownership in Beauchamp’s 5 month old son’s name.
    If this is fact, Congratulations Mr Commissioner on some creative ownership. Congratulations David Jr on becoming the youngest team owner of all time.
    What is the NOJHL thinking?

    1. hehehehehe when all dis is finish I will own Mattawa Team as partner n we will leave Noj for Quebec where they play real hockey !

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