NOJHL mismatch

March 12, 2015

Soo Thunderbirds will play host to the Blind River Beavers at John Rhodes Community Centre tonight in Game 1 of a best-of-seven playoff series between the top and bottom teams in the Northern Ontario Jr. Hockey League.

To be sure, this is a mismatch series.

The Thunderbirds finished atop the overall standings in the nine-team NOJHL with 83 points from a record of 38-7-7.

The Beavers, on the other hand, established an all-time NOJHL mark for futility with 1 point — that is correct, 1 point — from a record of 0-51-1.

Ironically, Blind River’s only point during the regular season came from an overtime loss to first-place Soo.

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  1. NOJHL Prediction Time!!!!!!!

    Round 1
    (1)KL VS (4)POW – KL in 4
    (2)CC VS (3) ABI – ABI in 7

    (1)SOO VS (4)BLI – SOO in 4
    (2)ELL VS (3) SUD – ELL in 6

    I’d love to hear others predictions

  2. Blind River played with lots of character Monday night ! I was impressed — unfortunately the Barons were to much for them on this night ! Anyway good luck to the remaining 8 teams left in the post season have fun play smart and be safe out there ! P.S All the best to the Mattawa Blackhawks Graduating players. enjoy your off season fellas ! see ya next year !

  3. Miracle 2015
    Beavers take this in 7 in OT

    This one will go down in the history books as one of the biggest upsets in Junior A hockey of all time.

  4. why do you hate Beauchamps so much? He’s hardly the first owner to ever default on some payments…….ask yourself instead why the established owners and the commissioner let him in in the first place. They bare some responsibility too.

    Soo in 4
    Suds in 7
    KL in 4
    Coch in 7

  5. Luc – I have nothing against Beachamps but give your head a shake if you think he will ever own a team in the Noj again.

  6. To Nbt1975 that is a very good bet, personally I would like to see Blind River weather this storm and continue to have NOJHL hockey in the small town its a fabulous rink, also any community that can rent ice to winter user groups to keep rinks I’m all for it including Massey.

    Also I want to say congrats to Mattawa on a fabulas season despite all the drama, it’s guys like Henry Yawit, Tyler Broderson, CJ Nicholson, jimmy Philbin and all the other 94s that kept that team together.

    Best of luck to the NOJHL beyond 2015!

    Now NBT1975 what’s your real name?

    1. Good on you Dave!!!

      You took the higher road and as much as this season turned out to be a flop for you, you have seemed to battle back. You could have came on here and ripped NBT apart but you were a man about this!

      Keep your head held high, as most people know you will do, and continue to weather any storm that is thrown at you.

      1. Really don’t be so quick to stand up for Dave. Hey Dave what happened to the money that kid from Las Vegas paid you.

  7. I’m sure everybody in BL just wants this nightmare to be over. They should never have been in the playoffs to start with! Let the organization regroup, reflect, make some all important decisions and start rebuilding for next year. They will need every single day of this 2015 off season they can get! Whatever they did in the 2014 off-season, don’t do the same!

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