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March 19, 2015

Seriously now, did anyone on the outside looking in give the Powassan Voodoos much of a chance in their Northern Ontario Jr. Hockey League playoff series with the Kirkland Lake Gold Miners?

Afterall, Powassan finished seventh overall in the nine-team NOJHL during the regular season, a good distance back of second-place Kirkland Lake.

But here it is, four games into the best-of-seven playoff series between the two teams and Powassan leads the defending NOJHL champions from Kirkland Lake 3-1.

Can you imagine if the Voodoos manage to win one more game and pull off one of the biggest playoff upsets in recent NOJHL history?

Can you imagine the wailing and the whining that will be heard coming from the Mile of Gold in Kirkland Lake if Powassan can pen the last chapter of this storybook fantasy?

However this series plays out — whether Powassan can win that fourth game to take the series or not — just the fact that the Voodoos have already defeated the mighty Miners three times speaks to the parity of the NOJHL.(Especially if we don’t factor in the winless Blind River Beavers.)

At any rate, over to the Elliot Lake-Sudbury set where the Wildcats have clawed back to even their series with the Nickel Barons at two games apiece, home-ice advantage has once again shifted.

By winning the first two games of the series, Sudbury had seized home-ice advantage from Elliot Lake.

Undaunted, the Wildcats took Games 3 and 4 and regained the momentum from the Nickel Barons.

Momentum, such an intangible.

PHOTO: Powassan Voodoos have had reason aplenty to celebrate thus far in their NOJHL playoff series with the defending champion Kirkland Lake Gold Miners. (Photo by Chris Dawson.)

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  1. Good Article RR… definatly have a way with words!
    {P.S. I am sure you are a big hit up in KL LOL.}

  2. I actually hope the Voodoos win it and I am from KL….looks good on our team to not show up in first round of play-offs and be out just like that! Tone was set losing first game on home ice!

  3. Good article Randy. Any chance you’ll do a write up on the GMHL final which features 2 northern teams, Temiscamang and Seguin? Titans just finished a thrilling semi final series against Halton, a series that all the GMHL nah-Sayers should have seen. Hoping Titans/Huskies proves to be just as entertaining.

  4. Great game in copper cliff last night the pace of the hockey was freaking amazing and a blast to watch. I feel the Barons took an awful penalty late in the third witch essentially would cost them that game last night ! Congrats to both hockey teams on great played game last night ! WOW it was fun to watch. good luck in gm five boys !

  5. Well I hear that the veteran players with the gold miners are tired of playing for lafleur,apparently his ranting is getting to them. It says Picard-fiset is suspended but I am hearing he left. Any truth to that. Good to see apparent plans for nojhl growth for next year

  6. Stan don’t talk out of your ass . 1 kid got voted out by all other players because of bad attitude . Lafleur won’t take no crap .

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