NOJHL poised to stay in the Falls

March 24, 2015

The first hurdle towards keeping a Northern Ontario Jr. Hockey League team in Iroquois Falls has been cleared.

At a special meeting held Monday night, the Town of Iroquois Falls approved a request from Mattawa Blackhawks owner Allan Donnan to move his NOJHL franchise to the northeastern Ontario community effective the 2015-2016 season.

The relocation of the franchise from Mattawa to Iroquois Falls still requires approval of the NOJHL board of governors.

Iroquois Falls has been home to the NOJHL’s Abitibi Eskimos since 1999. But the town faced the prospects of losing its NOJHL presence when the operators of the Abitibi franchise recently received league approval to relocate from Iroquois Falls to the larger, nearby community of Timmins for the 2015-2016 season.

Allison Madden-Blais, longtime billet co-ordinator for the Eskimos, called the Town of Iroquois Falls’ approval to house the Mattawa franchise “great news for a little commmunity that loves junior hockey.

“I want to thank Allan (Donnan) for what he is doing to keep junior hockey in Iroquois Falls,” she added.

Donnan, who attended the meeting in Iroquois Falls, said the town “has a great history of supporting its NOJHL team. We welcome the opportunity to continue the Eskimos great tradition, pending the necessary approval.”

For the record, the Eskimos led the entire NOJHL during the 2014-2015 regular season with an average per-game attendance of 513.

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  1. So now what about Mattawa? The town gets the shaft? Al Donnan promised to “KEEP” Junior Hockey in Mattawa, Also the Voodoos played Mattawa 12 times, 6 road 6 at home 40 minutes, now Powassans closes travel partner is Kirkland Lake in their Division.

  2. Its a 2-way street as Mattawa have not supported the NOJHL Team all that much.
    Iroquois Falls deserrves a team in the NOJ a lot more than most town’s that have teams. IMO.

  3. Attendance Fell, in December after the revolving door of management and owners, if you look at the attendance in was high in the begining and then fell later in the year.

  4. “The Igloo” is the best place to watch a Junior Hockey game and that comes from many outsiders and not just from Town. Thanks for all of the coveradge Randy.

  5. Mattawa’s rink is not to Jr A standards .. if you cant have training camp at your home rink until the weather cools off .. as was the case in Aug , part of Sept and ice issues off and on throughout the year … that alone warrants Mattawa ownership to take advantage of the IF arena and setup.

  6. Sorry to here about Mattawa, but I am glad to see that Iroquois Falls may retain a team in their town as that fan base was always loyal and very passionate for there home town team ! As for Mattawa I am sorry for there fan base who have followed them loyally all year !

  7. Anymore about Sudbury playing in Rayside next season ? I hope not its to out of the way for me, as I fan who has been attending games since day of this franchises inception as the northern wolves back In the day this will put a massive hurdler up in my way of wanting to attend games way out there next season Bummer !

  8. As a hockey community that has proven themselves as true hockey fanatics and given their hearts and support towards the players advancements while in their possession, it would be impossible to have a league such as the NOJHL to not agree with continuing an already set “off ice” culture that I.F. has in place in which my family has had the honour of being part of. As an “out of Town” parent, the experience with the families, schooling and organizations involved towards the growth and achievements of true team spirit has meant more than the on ice goals in advancement. Thanks to these fans and supporters watching our Boyz play hockey was even better rewarded by the smiles before hitting the ice…and yah, on the ice too.
    Great devotion shown by the committee and organization led by team owners to keep the northern Boyz playing towards their dreams close to home.

  9. News good about Matawa move to IF but don’t count chickens before they hatch league still has to vote on the application and noha has to accept it to correct me if I’m not write RR.
    Also someone told me that teams like Soo, and B River (if they are still around) aren’t happy about extra travel they can’t play 4games while up in the Timmins area so they will have to plan an extra trip jus to get a game in with the 4th team. Practical stuff I would not have thought about if someone not told me.

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