North Bay has served NOJHL well

May 5, 2014

As of now, North Bay no longer has a team within the Northern Ontario Jr. Hockey League.

The NOJHL recently approved relocation of the Trappers from North Bay to nearby Mattawa and the team will be called the Blackhawks.

I suspect that not many in North Bay will miss the Trappers, with the Ontario Hockey League having taken control of the town with the North Bay Battalion.

And that’s fine.

But let’s not forget that North Bay has served the NOJHL well since 2003 with first the Skyhawks, then the Trappers.

North Bay teams have won four NOJHL championships since 2003 and many good men have been associated with the Skyhawks and Trappers as owners, general managers, coaches and marketers including the likes of Guy Blanchard, Tim Clayden, Kevin Kerr, Darren Turcotte, Ian Swalucynski, Tom McCarthy, Chris Dawson, Dean Pauli, Randy Blake and Brent Ogletree.

And the list of players who have suited up for the Skyhawks and Trappers over the years is an impressive one.

Off the top of my head, players who come to mind are skaters Jordan Carroll, Tyler Eady, Dennis French, Dustin Fummerton, Brad Gehl, Brad Hummel, Brandon Janke, Ryan Loach, Dustin McCrank, Brad Norkum, Beau Orser, Matthew Salituro, AJ Shiverdecker, Devan Turcotte, Alex Valenti, Quinn Waller and goalies Greg Dodds, Mike Lalande, Andre Laperriere and Martin Perreault.

But that is just the tip of a lengthy list of alumni from a North Bay franchise that has written a good chapter in the NOJHL book of esteemed historian David Harrison.

What you think about “North Bay has served NOJHL well”

  1. well said RR as those were the good old days of 2,000 fans at the Gardens. The Skyhawks and Trappers filled a voit when the Cents left for Saginaw and we should not forget what the Skyhawks and Trappers did for us fans while the OHL was away.

  2. Those were the days when The Skyhawks were Public Enemy # 1 and the Junior Wolves had McGarry, Pidutti etc. and there was so much more rivalrey in the Noj. than there is now.

  3. Dustin McCrank, by the way, was a linesman at the Dudley Hewitt Cup in Wellington this past week. Great guy.

    1. He is also part of the officiating crew for the OHL Championship series featuring the North Bay Battalion

  4. I think this would be a perfect opportunity for the Battalion to have a team come and start-up an affiliation…. The North Bay Jr. Battalion! great to have a team for development purposes right here in the city!

  5. Good article RR. Some exciting hockey was played and some good rivalries were made. I wonder how this will effect the affiliation that the trappers and battalion had as it was pretty handy having there four draft picks playing right here. Im going to miss having the NOJHL here, it was fun and entertaining hockey but it didn’t have a chance after the OHL returned unless it could have been purchased and run by the battalion group. There should be some exciting rivalries develop up north with Abitibi, Cochrane and KL.

  6. I will just add sacha guimond and tait sequin to the list due to moving up and beyond.
    good one Randy

  7. Thanks for the compliment Randy. It’s been a lot of hockey and fun since way back in 1962 and a lot of players have moved on in the hockey world, and as I follow some websites on the internet many have moved into high places in the business world so the NOJHL has served both the hockey player and the student in their future endeavours.

    Here’s looking at more names in the future so show up in the hockey and business world.


    1. Anytime, Dave.

      There are few in the game that have given so much to a league as you have given to the NOJHL over so many years.

      I count myself fortunate to even be associated with a man of your stature and service.



  8. The Battalion can continue there affiliate with the team over in Mattawa just as easy as it is probly better there than to try and put another team in West Ferris Arena which was a mistake from the word go.

  9. It is unfortunat that the gmhl swooped up the markets in Sturgeon and Temang as these fit well with the Noj footprint as the league seems to be going east with teams in Kirkland Lake and Cochrane now up there with Abitibi.

  10. Do not understand how you can go bankrupt and then start up a new team , if I can do that sign me up.

  11. my Info

    You can’t, but you can give one back to the league and have it re sold…

    RR how many more teams are confirmed in the CIHL?

    1. trinkits,

      You should direct your CIHL-related question to Tim Clayden. I am sure he would give a straight answer to a straight shooter.



    2. NBT is a pretty shady deal , in my opinion. Is it true that Mattawa’s new team owner is David Beauchamp’s 5 month old son? Is that even legal?

  12. Danny Desrochers would be among that list too RR. Like you said there are many more and I bet Mr Harrison could probably name them all. have a good summer ppl !!!

    1. hockeyguy02,

      Desrochers was an impact player for North Bay as a 16-year old before moving up to the OHL in Sudbury. For sure, man, the list goes on and on.



  13. Shareholders are shareholders does not matter there age, I’m just hoping the NOJHL runs in peace and the Cijhl runs in peace.

  14. There is some doubt as to there being a team in Mattawa. From what I here possession of the Trappers Franchise is before the Courts as a matter of TC v. DB.

    1. my guess is the Justice system will decide who owns what . Just remembur that No one is above the Law. Not TC or DB or RM or BS or the Noha or the Nojhl.

    2. It’s not rocket science when the NBT fiasco goes to court, I suspect the judge will rule that DB did not honour the contract with TC , so it was never his to transfer ownership, therefore TC will get the team back and the poor citizens of Mattawa will be left footing another giant bill left behind in DB’s wake of financial disasters. with no hockey games to show for it, all of that is in my humble opinion of course.

  15. NBT1975 By that justification I can just take your home because I feel like it? I guess the law will decide lol

  16. Here is a few questions that need to be asked, who really is running the NOHA ?

    I attended the NOHA AGM last weekend and must ask, how is it the NOJHL can have teams approved to play in the upcoming 2014 season after the NOHA approval deadlines have passed ?

    Is the NOJHL running the NOHA now or is Commissioner Mazuuka getting special treatment because of a family member sitting at the Hockey Canada table ?

    Which one is it ? Seriously, does the NOJHL answer to the NOHA ?

    or does the NOJHL answer to the NOHA, which one is it ?

    For example, here in Mattawa the ownership of the team is before the courts next month, who knows what way that will go ?

    Elliott Lake is still looking for an owner, yet to be approved by the Town, yet the NOJHL is still trying to put a team back into a community where apparentlythe previous ownership failed miserably and left behind some $80,000 in debt I am told.

    4 blatant Questions come to ones mind

    1. Is the tail wagging the dog ?

    2. Does the NOJHL run the NOHA through family connections?

    3. Will the NOJHL guarantee the $84,000 plus debt of the previous EL ownership ?

    4. Will the NOJHL guarantee the $100,000 plus debt of the Trappers current owner ? That is the number I am told.

    All loaded questions but all worthwhile seeking answers too

  17. How could NOJHL even afford to do anything about those debts? they weren’t even in a position to cover the $6-8000 dollar ice time debt left in EL, how could they afford those numbers? How much money could selling off players before the Hockey Canada imposed date generate? Is it enough to get them to those numbers? Is it true that EVERY NOJHL team will be starting this season in major financial trouble?

    Chris May retired from NOHA last year and now works for NOJHL, is he pulling strings? or does he still run NOHA?

  18. Big Joe Jr or should I say TC or one of his henchmen, Mattawa is thrilled to have a Team and there is no way TC can win in court over something he never owned. Guaranteed.

  19. Justice I would absolutely love to hear your logic behind that. That makes no sense at all…….is it true that DB missed his deadline to submit a defence for the Mattawa case ? By doing that he gave up his right to even defend himself when the courts hear the case. I feel sorry for the Mattawa fans who were looking forward to hockey this season, doesn’t seem like they will even get the chance now, IMO of course.

  20. It will be a shame if there is no junior Team in Mattawa . How ever the more I hear & and the more people I talk to this Mattawa thing is a sign of desperation not only on the part of Dave Beauchamp but also on the part of Bob Mazzuca. This League is starting to fall aprt before our very eyes and the direction that our league is taking is very shakey in my humble opinion. now they are heading to a Court of Law to decide who owns the Trappers(mattawa) Franchise. WTF is this league of ours coming to?

  21. Here is one for the books Elliot Lake gives NOJHL 2 weeks to prepare ownership bid for Elliot Lake and the Commish doesn’t show up for council meeting. He is full of hot air and has wasted the council time.. More broken promises by Commissioner Mazooka. Now Elliot Lake stuck with the debt. Congrats Commissioner Mazooka.

  22. Is it true mazzuca didn’t even show up for the EL council meeting? After they gave him a second extension! Is it me or does that seem like he was just trying to tie up EL to keep the CIHL out?

  23. Why don’t EL just give up on the North and come into the CIHL which seems to me would be the best option for them at this time. It is a great hockey town and would most likely really get behind the team. I think if it is true about Mr Mazzuca of what he is trying to do then the council of EL should say no to the North and invite the CIHL in and hear what they have to offer, Just saying, its time to get behind the CIHL and support them in my mind and lets see what they can do. I have heard a lot of great things about the CIHL lets quit all the mud slinging and support something for the players that just want to play hockey.

  24. How many times will Mazucca slap the good people of EL in the face? Does this not show where his priorities are? IMO definately not with the town of EL. Actions speak louder than words.

    IMO, I think the town of Elliot Lake deserves a hockey team and I think they will rally behind one that is not owned by Ryan Leonard. I believe a player and team first mentality league like the CIHL must sound pretty inviting right about now!

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