Off-ice change awaits Soo T-Birds

March 26, 2016

On the ice, the reigning Northern Ontario Jr. Hockey League champion Soo Thunderbirds are in pursuit of repeat glory while off the ice, they await a poised change in operation.

After finishing in first place during the 2015-2016 regular season with 95 points, the Thunderbirds blew through the first round of the NOJHL playoffs, sweeping the cross-river Soo Eagles in four straight games with relative ease.

Now it’s on to face the Elliot Lake Wildcats for the West Division title.

But as the Thunderbirds chase another NOJHL championship, the team is expected to be in the hands of new operators effective the 2016-2017 season.

Local businessman Albert Giommi has had ownership-style control of the not-for-profit franchise for the past several years and has wanted to divest himself of his interest in the Thunderbirds for some time now.

Look for an official announcement regarding a changing of the guard sometime soon.

What you think about “Off-ice change awaits Soo T-Birds”

  1. The Soo Thunderbirds will stop playing their games at the Essar Centre next season, and probably play in a smaller arena. There were rumors of them folding, but they’re a really successful franchise so that would be impossible. However, the fan support is really poor especially games at the Essar Centre were no one will pay $12 for adult tickets.

  2. As long as there is a team and Owner’s who care we will have the Thunderbirds. I still say they should move to the Peewee or Rankin or go back to the Rhoades.

  3. Going to Rhodes would be a mistake since they lose fans that go upstairs and watch the game for free. They charge the same at the Essar as they do at the Rhodes so I assume it would be the same at the Rankin. If I am going to spend 12 bucks on a ticket , I’d rather sit in a seat than on a board. The Birds are very good on the big ice at the Essar and should stay there.

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