Paul Gagne development camp

May 8, 2015

Paul Gagne, the former Ontario Hockey League and National Hockey League first-rounder and five-time Northern Ontario Jr. Hockey League coach-of-the-year, will once again be overseeing a summer development camp.

Gagne, who is the coach-general manager of the NOJHL’s Timmins Rock, has scheduled his annual hockey development camp for August 4-7 at McIntyre Arena.

Players interested in registering for Gagne’s hockey development camp can take advantage of special early bird pricing if they sign up prior to May 15.

Players in Group 1 (ages 7-9), Group 2 (ages 10-12) and Group 3 (ages 13–16) who register before May 15 will pay $248.48 (HST included) while those in Group 4 (goalies) pay $124.30 (HST included) and those in Group 5 (ages 4–6) pay $67.80 (HST included).

After May 15, prices increase to $271.20 (HST included) for players in Group 1, Group 2 and Group 3, to $146.90 (HST included) for players in Group 4 and $90.40 (HST included) for players in Group 5.

To register and/or for more information visit

PHOTO: Paul Gagne, at his 2014 hockey development camp.

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  1. Thank You for promoting this Randy Russin! as the kid’s from Timmins and Iroquois Falls will be the one’s that bennefit from Coach Gagne!
    “ROCK ON”!!

  2. Many many good young Kids have develop thru Coach Gagne and his Hockey Camps. Nice Article Randy.

    1. No Offense “Timmins Rocks!” but they way you comment on all of RR’s articles you make it seem like The Rock are going to go undefeated, Win the Dudley easily then go and become National Champs. You have to remember that its still the same old IF team from last year. They were good but like every team for the exception of SSM have a lot of work to do to become that good. And please understand that this is nothing against Paul, The old Eskis organization or the new Rock one its just the Soo were so skilled and have been for years, and I’m sure they are showing no signs of slowing down…… I think the whole point of this comment is that don’t be disappointed or pissed off at the league if Paul was to not win the coach of the year award in 2015-16

  3. Perry – I admired Paul for what he did for the Eskies but ITS THE WAY THEY LEFT IROQUOIS FALLS THAT THE FANS ARE UPSET ABOUT – and your not finnished hearing about it.

  4. kurlydo ok lets hear it how the “old” eskis “left the building” in your town. maybe its because the music was to loud? hahahaha – maybe you should volunteer to play the music for the new eskis . maybe you should volunteer for anything exept criticising witch you seem pretty good at.

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