Powassan Voodoos add two

August 11, 2014

The new Powassan Voodoos of the Northern Ontario Jr. Hockey League have completed their first trade in franchise history.

Voodoos general manager Chris Dawson confirmed to HockeyNewsNorth.com that Powassan has acquired 18-year-old right winger Brandon Major from the Blind River Beavers for a development fee.

Major, who hails from Timmins, Ont., had 12 points in 50 games in a 2013-2014 season split between the Beavers and the Espanola Rivermen, now of the Canadian International Hockey League.

“I like his size and his skating ability,” Dawson said of Major. “He is a very well-conditioned and goal-orientated young man. We think his experience will be a benefit to our young hockey team.”

Major requested the trade from Blind River and said Powassan was his first choice.

“I’m happy that I got traded to the Voodoos because that’s what I asked for and what I wanted,” said the 6-foot-1, 190 pound Major.

The Voodoos have also confirmed the signing of a top scorer from the Great North Midget Hockey League in forward Aaron Dart.

Dart had 22 goals, 18 assists, 40 points in 24 regular-season games with the North Bay Trappers of the GNMHL in 2013-2014.

Dart, along with other recent Voodoo signings Nathaniel McLeod and Michael Silveri, formed a productive offensive line in the GNMHL in 2013-2014.

“I thought it would be a great opportunity to play at home and I thought it would be a great opportunity to play with the team after hearing all the players that were being signed,” said Dart.

What you think about “Powassan Voodoos add two”

  1. Do the Voodoos have an arena deal yet?
    WithMajor leaving Blind River does this mean that the rumours out of Blind River are true.?

  2. Also in my opinion, apparently Chris Dawson has turned into a weasel as well. No honour in the game anymore
    eh Chris?

  3. Linda I did say rumours. But I am hearing that maybe a team may not get iced in Blind River this

  4. Not sure who you are Mr Mason, but Mr. Dawson is definately not a weasel, that kid wanted to play where he has ended up. HE wanted it. Thats the key.

  5. Yep sorry was trying to think of another word. Thing is there was some back door stuff
    I hope Major can live up to what he was given. Nice kid.

    Also Linda I hope the rumour was just as every town especially in the north should
    have a sanctioned jr team. But motley there sure was some dealing going on there.

  6. I hear that Brandon Major was offered a full ride no fees to the Voodoos pretty steep for a kid who had 12 points last season. I see Dawson is spending his owners money like 3 years ago.

  7. Yep either poor management is going on or league money (or lack there of) is being given
    to teams so they can try to make themselves look good. Either way not a good business
    plan when the wallets only have moths coming out if them. Major is a good kid but could you imagine how higher caliber players will feel knowing they had to pay.

  8. Motleyrulez
    I heard that the Major kid is receiving 2 years free play to go to Powassan. I guess 1 year free ride wasn’t enough for him to want to leave Espanola where he was all set to play this year IMO. Does he really want to be there or does he really just want the free ride? Are the other players going to have to pay extra or do without things like food and protective equipment because of this?

  9. Hey fan “man” did you rads the other posts
    I was just saying what they said. Hey if they
    want to run out of money then so be it

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