Rivermen on the road

March 17, 2014

Espanola Rivermen take to the road tonight trying to take a further hold on their opening-round, best-of-seven, Northern Ontario Jr. Hockey League playoff series with Sudbury Nickel Barons.

The third-seeded Rivermen have a 2-0 lead in games on the sixth-seeded Nickel Barons by virtue of 6-3 and 5-2 triumphs — both in Espanola.

Offensively, forwards Corbin Bean, Brad Edwards and Blake Peavey have been leading the way for Espanola through the first two games of the series.

Bean has 3 goals, 2 assists, 5 points, Edwards has 2 goals, 3 assists, 5 points and Peavey has 5 assists, 5 points.

Between the pipes, Marc Terriault has started, finished and won both games for Espanola, stopping 63 of 68 shots for a .926 save percentage and 2.50 goals against average.

PHOTO: Espanola’s Corbin Bean tees up the puck before scoring one of his three goals to date in the playoff series with Sudbury.

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  1. looks like the Rivermen are starting to hit their stride, also I am surprised at those Beavers winning one and losing the other by 1 goal.

    EL and Eskis series could go 7 games if they stay close like this and KL should have no problem with the Trappers.

    its to bad that Trappers organization has been run into the ground, as much as the city may have hurt that team it still could have worked if run properly, so many people in town not happy with owner DB.

      1. lol the mistake made is Blake Peavey not Brad! RR has thousands of players to keep track of and he is only human…….Good job covering hockey in the north RR, we love your site!!!!!

        1. C-Pipes,

          I will make that change, I had Brad Edwards on my mind, I guess, lol.

          Thanks for the proofread and the nice words.



  2. Barons
    Good luck tonight
    It is now time to take a game and continue winning
    Your home fans will be there to support you.
    Just play your game and heads up.
    Beaver Fan

  3. Hello Linda (of the Blind River Beavers!)
    Just so you know when the Rivermen are in Sudbury we from Espanola bring close to 3/4 of the crowd with us.
    Good for the Barons gate but the Espo boys feel like they are playing at home.

  4. btw to Linda Lamorie and all of the Beavers Fan’s I do hope you enjoy the Beavers final game in Blind River before the City of Elliott Lake buys the Beavers and move’s them outta Blind River and in to Elliott Lake!


  5. 6-2 Rivermen win Game 3 — game got dirty again
    with the Commissioner in house but he sure seems to love
    his home team from Sudbury. Most of the crowd again was
    from Espanola.

  6. Rivermen have turned on the afterburners and are playing incredibly well.

    The Baron’s got very chippy in the second and Mazucca was there to see first hand all the hits from behind, unnecessary roughing and stick work by his beloved Barons. Kudos to the Rivermen team for keeping a professional attitude and continue to play hockey without the shenanigans, class act for sure.

    Can anyone confirm that the Barons coach was let go from the OHL Sudbury Wolves because he did not have a proper working visa? If this is true how is it possible that Mazucca is letting him work in the NOJHL — isn’t that a federal offence and a PR disaster waiting to happen?

    1. Luc, I believe when Jason Young went to play hockey in Germany he gave up his Canadian citizenship so as to not be classified as an import player. At least that’s the story I was told from members of the OHL Sudbury Wolves.

  7. Ok fair enough but if he’s no longer a Canadian citizen how can he live in the Sudbury region now? And he’s been there awhile.

    should Mr Clayden be starting some deportation hearings any time soon or is Ocar Clouthier gonna swear him back ito Canada?

    The NOJHL has become a soap opera……now politics are involved……what’s next…..to support free trade with South Korea, all the hockey sticks will have be made there?

    1. Luc,

      For the record, if you are referring to Tim Clayden in your post as “chestypipes” please be advised that is not the case.

    2. how could Mooney even pay this guy? I’m sure he’s not doing this for free! Is he paying him cash? Isn’t that illegal? I really don’t get this league!

  8. no Randy, just using them as characters in this soap opera.
    Chesty: it’s on record that J Young was a volunteer coach with the Wolves…maybe he’s volunteering with the Barons?
    If it’s easy to give your citizenship up, it must be just as easy to get it back. Afterall, he only did it to play hockey…not to fight some cause or something.

    1. Luc, the NOJHL is a version of a soap opera at times.

      Look at Kirkland Lake Blue Devils folding in their first season and re-born almost overnight as Kirkland Lake Gold Miners.

      This season we have North Bay moving its home games to Mattawa in February and the Espanola owner suspended indefinitely for speaking his mind.

      Good choice of words, soap opera.

  9. Luc if he is “volunteering” then how does he make a living to pay bills etc.. in this country. Sorry now I am really confused if he gave up his citizenship to play hockey how is he even still here. I would say with the very limited practice time the Barons get they do o.k. Should they not be required by some part of the NOJHL constituion that for player betterment that the team should have more practice time but I guess with the commisioner and Mr.Clouthier being friends rules can be bent. Yes Luc this league is a soap opera but fingers must be pointed in multiple directions.

  10. I certainly hope he is doing it for free Luc, because that is a punishable federal offence for all involved! And if he was going to offer his services for free, don’t you think he would have done that with the OHL wolves and not the Nickel Barons. I really don’t have a problem with what Young has done in the past or present for that matter, thats his choice. What concerns me is, if his eligibility to work in Canada was not good enough for the OHL, then why is it good enough for Mazucca and the NOJHL? These are the NOJHL days of our lives.

  11. Just letting everyone know that all the brooms in Espanola and the Island have been sold out and will be bring them to Lively tommorrow night…hey Randy do you want me to keep one for you too?

  12. Let me take a stab at this soap opera thing . Stirring the pot throwing out questions about working papers and if he is paid it;s illegal. Wow lots of uninformed comments. My turn ! Junior A hockey is supposed to be focussed on the concept of creating an avenue for student athletes.How many palyers in THE nojhl are actually enrolled in high school, college /univeristy/ correspondence or otherwise ( beyond a course on needlepoint ). Humm let’s start with Espy land. If the truth comes out people will be surpised and dissapointed. Junior a hockey is a business and Clayden does a very good job at it.
    By the way i read recently he attended a little current town hall meeting trying to convince them to take the trappers team in . also stated in an interview ( read the article in Manitulin expositor ) he is owed money ( which is unfortunate ) and he was doing his pitch at the request of the trappers . Mattawa , it would appear is not a done deal. Its all about money

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