State of the NOJHL

April 8, 2015

Fans and supporters who live in the north country — good girls and bad boys alike — may have even more junior A hockey to watch in 2015-2016.

To be sure, the Northern Ontario Jr. Hockey League is hoping to expand beyond its current nine-team membership for the 2015-2016 campaign.

In the hands of — and awaiting the approval of — the governing Northern Ontario Hockey Association are requests by the NOJHL to put a new team in French River and allow for the Mattawa Blackhawks to relocate to Iroquois Falls.

Iroquois Falls has been home to the Abitibi Eskimos since 1999. But Abitibi management opted to take advantage of the bigger, nearby market of Timmins and has already received approval to move there for 2015-2016, as previously reported.

In that Iroquois Falls — as home to the aforementioned Abitibi Eskimos — led the league in attendance in 2014-2015 with a per-game average of 513, one would hope that the NOHA will see fit to approve the NOJHL’s request to move the Mattawa franchise there.

As for the French River area, I am told that the town of Noelville has an arena fully-equipped to house and maintain a junior A team.

At any rate, as we hopefully await NOHA approval for both Iroquois Falls and French River, we do advise that NOJHL commissioner Robert Mazzuca will guest with me tonight during the Hockey North Show that I host from 5-6 p.m. on ESPN 1400, which is available on-line via

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  1. Thanks for the update RR. You have alweays had good things to say about Eskis and the Fans up here. Thanks again Sir!

  2. Lots of great information on the agenda about next season WOW, looking forward to the coming months as things get finalized and approved for the upcoming season of 15-16 big year for the league as the NOJHL will be the host of the Dudley Hewitt Cup next season ! cant wait.

  3. if any Town deserve’s a team in the NOJ it is with out a doubt Iroqois Falls. Near at the top of the League in Attndance every year.

  4. Great News for the NOJHL. I think having these two teams located in these areas will be very beneficial for travel for teams, allowing them to reduce costs, except for the Powassan Voodoo’s who’s travel costs will certainly increase with not having a road opponent like Mattawa within an hours drive for 6 road games.

  5. great news for IF and very nice to see the support for IF from fans from across the league.

    Also good to a see RR and the commish speaking to other and doing more than just agreeing to disagree lol. Both want the best for the league. not always easy to put down the battle axes! kudos to both

    big shout outs to the Timmins franchise, commish and RR for the recent support of IF getting a franchise and of course to Mr Donna for believing in IF!

  6. RR great show great interview with your buddy the iron fist boss! You guy’s sounded good and as said its a credit that you have put your diferences aside.

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