Statement from David Beauchamp

October 23, 2014

EDITOR’S NOTE: The following is a prepared statement from David Beauchamp, who was advised by the Northern Ontario Jr. Hockey League earlier today that he has been removed as owner of the Mattawa Blackhawks:

As of 1:12 p.m. this afternoon I, David Beauchamp was informed that I had been voted out of the Northern Ontario Jr. Hockey League by the other members of the board at a confidential conference call and that a “new” franchise was awarded to a yet-to-be-named ownership group in Mattawa.

Besides the understandable anger right now, I am more disappointed in (NOJHL commissioner) Robert Mazzuca and his decision to do this. In all honestly I feel this has been the plan since last May.

I have worked tirelessly over the past 7 months, set up contacts, billets, community involvement, and staff. I also helped the league get into Powassan for the 2014-2015 season and assisted Robert Mazzuca in doing so.

Our team currently has all our bills set on terms or paid in Mattawa — YES we do owe some league fees, we had issues with a team-attempted purchase of a bus which caused us to have to spend $27,000 in transportation, in the month of September alone.

Regarding league fees, we paid a good faith payment of $7,000 to the NOJHL plus additional-owed trade money of over $10,000.

After working hard to bring in new players, Robert Mazzuca withheld them from the Hockey Canada Registration so fees could not be paid to the league with collecting player fees. This to me is a blatant infringement on my ability to operate as a business.

Further more I am disappointed in Mattawa Town Council’s decision to accept my ice bill payment early and without my knowledge change all the locks to the arena and office today — with ZERO eviction notice. This leads to even more disturbing questions on the leadership in Mattawa. I have yet to be contacted by any member of the township or council.

I literally lost everything I had last season while operating my NOJHL franchise in North Bay, Ontario. Now, the last thing I had is taken from me.

The only saving grace for me is that I know the players will be taken care of. I feel sorry for the 20-year olds that are going through this difficult time, Keep your heads up, you are a good team, you will pull through. I will miss the guys big time. I want to thank all the volunteers I worked with and people that donated their time to make this team a success.


David Beauchamp

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  1. Well Dave even though you have done some
    wrong this is not the way things should have happened.
    You trusted this snake and he turned on you.
    Good luck and I hope you can expose him for what
    he is,a self centered egotistical loser.

  2. How do you blame mazzuca for a guy not paying his league fees and being locked out of his rink by the town. If there is another owner with some financial stability wiling to step in and mattawa retains a team then at least the kids don’t suffer. Mattawa has been able to draw over 400 fans for their home games to date so obviously the town is supporting the team. This is all on beauchamp and you have to question the darts he throws at mazzuca and the Mattawa town council on his way out.

  3. But it is not all on beauchamp as MazZuca has
    known since last season there was problems
    and ignored them from what I was told. He has defended Dave every
    time allegations were brought up. Also there is
    players that are owed money that have moved
    on so who is going to pay that?
    I don’t see how uncle Joe is going to be able to help
    you this time MazZuca. Also with your alleged
    teaming up with the only outlaw league in ontario
    I hope you get booted for life you have left a
    huge black mark on the NOJHL.

  4. To Whom it May Concern

    On October 23rd, 2014, after paying my Town Ice Invoice mid-morning in advance of the due date and than at 1:12pm, I was informed by commissioner Robert Mazzuca of the NOJHL that my membership had been revoked and a new franchise was awarded to “no named” owners.

    After months of planning and preparation of bringing Junior A Hockey to this vibrant community I was stunned and had a lot of questions, I explained my displeasure to Robert but he said it was out of his hands.

    Now what is even more odd is that I have a lease agreement in good standing with the town of Mattawa, of which I will be dealing with in litigation as they have never once explained the termination of to date, and we are fully paid up on our ice, in fact, as of today’s date, I am ahead in terms of ice payments. Robert has been speaking with Town representatives for more than 2 months now and this move I believe has been pre-meditated by our Commissioner and the Town of Mattawa representatives.

    This is clearly a commissioner with his own agenda. I am also concerned about his personal relationship with Hockey Canada Junior Chair, Mr. Joe Drago. It seems his family ties with his Uncle Drago allow Robert special treatment, where Robert often operates outside the norm of day to day rules and junior hockey, often making them up as only Robert sees fit..

    Further more I have been told that Commissioner Mazucca introduced Al Donnan, a current Executive Member of the outlawed GMHL and owner of 3 playing current GMHL teams, as the new majority share holder of MY TEAM to our currently registered players mid-afternoon today, Thursday, October 23, 2014.

    How is Robert allowed to bring in an owner who owns teams in an unsanctioned hockey league that currently owns and operates 3 teams in the outlawed GMHL ? How is that allowed by the NOHA and Hockey Canada ?

    I will be seeking independent legal advice with regard to my current contract and signed none disclosure agreement with the Town of Mattawa. It is also my hope that Hockey Canada and the NOHA take action in this important matter!

    I have lost everything thanks to the NOJHL and Robert Mazzuca.


    David Beauchamp

  5. Hockey critic, Mattawa is not the only team that owes league fees, and last time I checked don’t the owners own the league? Not Robert Mazzuca.

    1. Youre right. Mazzuca has no power here and, regardless of what Beauchamp wrote, Mazzzuca has no authority to unilaterally remove Beauchamp as an owner. It’s the owners that banded together and ordered this removal. Like you say, it’s there league and they run the show. Beauchamp would probably have to litigate against the NOJHL as a league and not Mazzuca individually, imo. That’s my guess anyways.

      You have to ask : which owners have the most influence or speak the loudest? It’s certainly not in EL or BR.

      1. Just to clarify an above post made, the comment made by “robbie” is not Robbie Jones. Whoever is posting under this name, i ask that you put your last name to clarify who you are.

        1. Mathew, you are not the moderator or host of this site. No one posting here needs to clarify anything to you. Not sure who you think you are, man. But you carry no authority here. None.

  6. Where are all the Hockey Canada rules people now. All you people that were preaching about the NOJHL and that “outlaw” leagues are bad then boom Mazzucca brings in a GMHL owner WTF good job talking out both sides of your mouth.

    1. sounds like big trouble in dodge Robbie, bet you lottery tickets are selling like crazy
      today downtown, if the GMHL Executive Al Donnon and his Mattawa ownership is approved by the NOHA, does this mean minor hockey teams and communities can
      work 50/50 and other with outlawed teams ?

  7. oh my Robbie, lotto tickets must be going through the roof at the store today,
    players said the Commish introduce Mr Dunnon as owner yesterday. How does the NOHA and Hockey Canada approve the NOJHL partnering with a GMHL Executive and multi team owner ?

    who approves Mr Dunnon’s ownership of the Blackhawks ?

  8. So you can’t volunteer your time for a team in an unsnactioned league without getting punished by hockey canada/OHF/OHA/NOHA whichever association your with also can’t raise money from 50/50 sales to help fund minor hockey in a league not sanctioned by hockey canada, but you can have ownership in multiple teams in an unsanctioned league and own another in a sanctioned hockey canada league?

    Yeah that makes sense.

    1. All those thousands of young hockey players (including my son), coaches, officials, volunteers who have been suspended from hockey canada for affiliating with “outlaw” leagues. Especially in the North where there are no other options besides NOJHL or GMHL. Hockey Canada needs to get their heads out of the sand and intervene and stop this or abandon the sanctions. Another example of how power corrupts! They think they are above their own rules.

  9. GMHL ownership of an NOJHL team. It’s official, the league executive has allowed the NOJHL to become more of a gong show. 2 horse race again this year anyway folks. Carry on.

  10. I understand Mr Dovan and GMHL did the same thing in Bracebridge to the ownership. I would not be surprised the NOJHL and the GMHL has partnered up.

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