T-Bird, Trapper in a tussle

March 2, 2014

It was a tussle between a T-Bird and a Trapper when Anthony Butorac of the Soo and Darian Skeoch of North Bay squared off on Friday night.

The lively scrap between the two combatants (pictured above) was closer than the final score.

The Thunderbirds defeated the visiting Trappers 8-1 to clinch first place in the Northern Ontario Jr. Hockey League standings.

(Photo by Ali Pearson.)

What you think about “T-Bird, Trapper in a tussle”

  1. first some swearing from the KL coach and now a picture of a fight in hockey.
    what has hockey become ?

  2. I was being facetious Randy.
    You and others complain of swearing from a coach yet you highlight a fight.
    Have you guys ever played hockey? Yes , there is some swearing !
    You should mike up Tom from Espy or any OHL coach.
    It’s no big deal…………in my opinion !

    1. No kidding, Luc. I was simply being rhetorical.

      Did I play hockey, Luc? My personal claim to fame is scoring goals on future NHLer Eddie Mio during our road hockey days together as kids on Lillian St. in Windsor, Ontario.

      Not sure if you played hockey or not Luc, since you don’t attach a last name to your comments.

      Have you ever been a sportswriter, Luc? Yes, there are some opinions that differ.

  3. Hey Luc it is not the swearing it is the way it
    was used to belittle players. I have seen a coach of
    a team that is on the move do this. Too bad that they
    find that acceptable.

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