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February 28, 2014

In the wake of the $5,000 fine and indefinite suspension that Northern Ontario Jr. Hockey League commissioner Robert Mazzuca handed Espanola Rivermen owner-governor-director of operations Tim Clayden on Wednesday — over comments he made to earlier that day — Scott Ginson has been promoted to vice president of operations.

Ginson has been involved with the Rivermen since the start of the 2013-2014 season as a coaching assistant and in the player development department.

In announcing Ginson’s new role with the Rivermen, Clayden noted that, “obviously, we had to do something with my suspension and fine being handed down. Our organization is over-flowing with good people so I don’t see anything changing with how our team operates. The Espanola Riverman are in good hands and will be stronger than ever throughout the playoffs and next year and the year after too. It’s just the way we’re built.”

Of note, Clayden was suspended by Mazzuca on Wednesday after informing the commissioner and team governors by written e-mail on Tuesday that the Rivermen intend to leave the NOJHL after the 2013-2014 season in pursuit of opportunities with another league.

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  1. I think Mazzuca’s incredibly poor reaction just solidifies Tim Claydens arguement……trying to deal with that guy!!!! It’s a wonder half of the teams in the league want to move on. I think Mazzuca needs to step back and look in the mirror and ask “mirror mirror on the wall, who’s the unfairest of them all” and you will see your reflection mr Mazzuca……time to step down and stop ruling with your iron fist!!!!

  2. I actually spoke myself to more then half of league and they are all happy and saying the nojhl will be stronger then ever .

  3. Stronger then ever and soon to only have Kirkland Lake, Abitibi, Cochrane and maybe sudbury in the league, blind river and Soo wont beable to play with the Cost to operate going up losing espanola and EL .

  4. Cochrane , Matawa , Kirkland , Abitibi , Soo , Blind River , Sudbury and I am gonna say 2-3 more teams will join . Elliot lake ,Espanola , Timmins ,Hearst ,North bay ,Sturgeon falls , Huntsville . All those cities can host jr a teams . Not saying they will all do . But mark my word a few of them will jump in the mix and Nojhl will be better then ever.

  5. In my opinion NOJHL can count on Abitibi, Kirkland Lake and Cochrane only…. North Bay is done…… Mattawa was a flop and they can not support a NOJHL team with less than 300 paid tickets In the three games they played there. We will see if Blind River and the Nickel Barons want to join the NPJHL (north pole jr hockey league aka. NOJHL) after all this unfolds

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