This is what’s next for Soo Eagles

February 25, 2016

Soo Eagles have an in-house situation that carries major ramifications for many within the Northern Ontario Jr. Hockey League.

To begin, the Eagles are in fourth place in the West Division and that is where they will finish the regular season.

But with two games at home this weekend, the fourth-seeded Eagles will play a major factor in which team secures the fifth-and-final playoff spot in the West Division.

The two teams battling for fifth place in the West — Espanola Express and Blind River Beavers — are both headed to the Michigan Soo to play the Eagles.

Blind River, which is in last place with 20 points with four games to play in the regular season, plays the Eagles on Friday.

Espanola, which is in current possession of fifth place with 23 points with five games to play in the regular season, plays the Eagles on Saturday.

And even though they are locked into fourth place in the West with no where to go, both games for the Eagles are of extreme importance.

That’s because the Eagles will play either Espanola or Blind River in a best-of-three, preliminary-round series to begin the playoffs next month and one can be sure that the Michiganders do not want to relinquish any sort of momentum to either the Express or the Beavers.

It isn’t playoff time quite yet in the NOJHL.

But it figures to be playoff-like conditions for three teams this weekend at Pullar Stadium in the Michigan Soo.

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  1. The word around town here is that Rachel Nyman will be stepping down as President of the Beavers after the Season is over. Lets hope the Beavers find some one to take over as Prez that will do a good a job as Rachel did.
    Have you heard this RR?

      1. I am afraid that we mite loose the Beavers. This is bad News that Rachele will be leaving. We need “help” to keep our team in Blind.

  2. Definitely keeping a close eye on these games, but think it is the games both the Express and Beavers have against French River that will decide the playoff picture. If the Express win their two games against the Rapids, that means Blind River has to win all of their final four games. Sounds like an awfully tall order…

  3. I love the Playoffs! There is no end to speculation or possibilities when two teams play in a series. The T-Birds are the yard(metre)stick the Hwy 17 Division measure themselves up to. I think most people anticipate the T-Birds are taking the West, but that is after a winter of one night stands.
    The team to beat in a series would be the Eagles, and if they stay healthy their wins are going to pile up. I saw them play the Gold Miners and the Eskimos and both games were gritty and roof raising. I would like to see more of them at the Igloo, or the Mac in Timmins, K.L or Cochrane. I will be watching the results from the West at my desk with much interest.
    The games lighting up the night sky in the East are going to keep me sitting in one of the aforementioned rinks enjoying the local teams. I may be partisan in the Igloo but I go to watch the best Junior Hockey being played with our homeboys and a ton more who still have a chance to get the fans on their feet and love the game. I am hoping to see the Copeland Cup and the Dudley Hewitt series nearby with the Eagles representing the West.

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