Trying to make it in Mattawa

October 17, 2014

He is the youngest owner in the nine-team, Northern Ontario Jr. Hockey League, operating a franchise that is based in the smallest town.

Not yet 30-years old, David Beauchamp is determined to make junior hockey work in Mattawa, a town of just over 2,000 residents.

It hasn’t been easy for Beauchamp, who moved the North Bay Trappers to nearby Mattawa this season.

There are bills to pay that include include ever-increasing league fees in an NOJHL that is top-heavy with executive and management personnel salaries.

Even Cochrane Crunch owner-general manager-coach Ryan Leonard — who some perceive as the personal mole to commissioner Rob Mazzuca — has communicated that the NOJHL has become a very-expensive undertaking for team operators.

Still, Beauchamp soldiers on in Mattawa as owner of the small-market Blackhawks, who take a record of 1-10 into a pair of home games against the 9-2 Soo Thunderbirds on Saturday (5 p.m.) and Sunday (1 p.m.) at Mike Rodden Arena.

The Blackhawks have played just two of their 11 games thus far this 2014-2015 season at home but have drawn well, with crowds of 391 and 387 making their way into frigid, albeit friendly, Rodden Arena.

Beauchamp says he has a good relationship with the Town of Mattawa and is thankful for the fan and sponsor support.

To be sure, the young owner who says he lost big money in North Bay in 2013-2014, is taking the 2014-2015 season a day at a time.

“Our immediate plans are to finish the season, re-set and work with people who value the success of our franchise and who want the Mattawa Blackhawks to survive,” is what Beauchamp told

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  1. Even Mattawa is out drawing Sudbury. Probably yet another reason why Espanola left with Mazzuca and his pals making it harder to afford to have a team in the league. Oh well just more lavish dinners on the NOJHL expense account for Robbie and his buddies. Good luck in Mattawa Dave

  2. Hope to see this team stay a float and build on what is happening in Mattawa. The town is taking to the team and were very loud during that first win. Was a great atmosphere!

  3. Right on all counts RR! DB desserves this 2nd chance even tho he was the cause of some of his own problems in the Bay. If you support him RR that is good enuf for moi! The Noj is NOT the OJ or the CCHL and they need to stop acting like bigshots or Teams will fold.

  4. The Blackhawks do alot of work in the Community and Dave Beauchamps is front and center around Town . Dave who is always promoting the Blackhawks seem’s to be populur with Fan’s. My 12 Yr Old Cousin is a big fan of the Blackhawks to and we got to meet many of the Blackhawks Players. We love having the Blackhawks here in Mattawa but we have herd the stories about how much money it cost’s to be in the NOJHL. Purhaps the Blackhawks will move to the CIHL . as long as there is a good Junior hockey team in Town then most Fans will be happy that is for sure. Thanks Randy.

  5. Heartbreaking loss tonight in double OT , with just seconds to play.
    Matt was up 6-4 in the third only to have a fluke fifth goal by Soo switch momentum, and then , like all good teams do, find away to win. Sheppard was outstanding! The Mattawa team, plays hard blue collar hockey , easy to get behind them, Keep plugging away , the points will come

  6. Mr. MasonDixon you may take the time to check the attendance in Cochrane, Iroquois Falls,/ K.L./ E.L. never been that good, Sudbury and the Soo have Major Junior to compete with. The league as never drawn these kind of Crowds.

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