Voodoos boast home-grown flavour

March 6, 2016

A second-year franchise, the Powassan Voodoos fashioned an impressive 84-point regular season to finish third overall in the 12-team, Northern Ontario Jr. Hockey League standings.

And almost-as-impressively, Powassan posted a 40-10-4 record featuring its top five scorers who are all from the nearby, North Bay area.

“For us locally and maybe the proudest thing is the fact that all five of our top scorers are North Bay area-trained players,” noted Voodoos general manager Chris Dawson.

The top five Voodoo scorers, who all hail from the North Bay area, are Tyler Peters, Jake Staples, Michael Silveri, Nate McLeod and Eric Champagne.

In all, Powassan boasts nine area players on its roster.

“I think it’s really special to see so many local players part of the Powassan Voodoos program,” Dawson continued. “Going back as few as three years ago, (former) North Bay Trappers teams that I was involved with in the NOJHL carried maybe two or three local players.

“What we have now is a great sign for the status of hockey in the area,” added Dawson who also noted that, “I think it’s a testament to the league itself. More and more local players are realizing that the NOJHL is a good, quality league and I think the amount of local players we have is a reflection of that.”

PHOTO: Eric Champagne and Jake Staples are just two of nine area products who suit up for the NOJHL’s Powassan Voodoos.

What you think about “Voodoos boast home-grown flavour”

  1. I would think that the NOJHL Micky Mouse schedule allowing the Voodoos to
    play FFR more than the other teams was a big advantage for them. In Any case
    we will see in the Playoff if I’m correct.

  2. The voodoos are impressive, giving the fans a great season of sound hockey skills
    The north has always been known for producing fine players.

  3. Regardless Danny, the Voodoos still have had an impressive season. The schedule was the way it was and nobody could do anything about it. I’m sure it wasn’t fun for them either to play French River 8 times, just like I’m sure it wasn’t fun for Chocrane to play the Eskis’s 10 times and the Thunderbirds to play the Beavers 9 times. The top teams should be proud for what they accomplished and you are right, the playoffs are going to be tough for everyone. Let the new season begin and good luck to everyone!!

  4. The frequency of games is more a function of limiting travel costs than trying to have certain teams dominating others. In an ideal situation fans would enjoy seeing all other league teams more often than they do but budgets being what they are, it’s unlikely to develop anytime soon.

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