Where is the Mattawa schedule?

August 6, 2014

Perhaps this is much ado about nothing.

But is it just me or has the Mattawa Blackhawks schedule been removed from the Northern Ontario Jr. Hockey League website?

I checked the NOJHL website at 10:25 this morning and under Schedule, it lists eight of the nine teams in the league.

Mattawa is the missing team.

Is this merely a glitch in the NOJHL.com system?

Are the Blackhawks simply revising their schedule?

Or are the Blackhawks and the NOJHL about to part ways?

Just thought I would ask.

What you think about “Where is the Mattawa schedule?”

  1. You are right RR. The other 8 Teams are listed under “Schedule” but Mattawa is not there. Hmmmmm.

  2. “Where there is Smoke there is Fire” is how the old saying goes.
    I think this may be a “glitch” as Old RR says but having said that you never know with DB or with the NOJHL for that matter.

  3. The Cochrane Crunch had this happen two weeks ago when Sport Engin who runs the NOJHL site did the maintenance and change over of the Elliot Lake Bobcats. Our new logo stayed up but our schedule and players rosters, stats were all removed while they put all our old information into our new programs file for their site and then was up a few days later.

  4. I to have seen the article that says the Voodoos do not have a signed agreement with the Town of Powassan to play there. What the hell is going on … do you know RR ?

    1. Bobby,

      I have an e-mail in to Voodoos general manager Chris Dawson about this but I have yet to hear back from him.

  5. I just hope we have a Team in Mattawa this Season. We supported the Black Hawks when they move from North Bay at the end of last Season with 300 average fans at Rodden Arena.
    I know the Black Hawks will get good support 250 to 300 a game on average. If the Black Hawks are having any issue with the NOJ I wonder if young Dave will consider the new CIHL League . That would not matter so as long as it is not the GMHL no we don’t want them guys here again.

  6. According to NOJHL commissioner Robert Mazzuca, the omission of Mattawa from the schedule is a “glitch.”

  7. Bobby , it might not be as easy as Dave considering the Cihl. Can’t speak for anybody here but I would think that the Cihl would have to think carefully before allowing that management team to join the league. It should by no means be considered a given that if they leave the NOJHL that they would automatically be welcome to join the Cihl. Just my thoughts.

  8. noticed on the preseason schedule there is no Baron’s games shown? Another glitch, or are they not playing any preseason games…………

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